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On March 25, 1945, at the close of World War II, the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ began appearing in Amsterdam to a very humble and devout, ordinary Dutch woman. At the time, the seer, Miss Isje Johanna Peerdeman, known as Ida, was 40 years of age and under the spiritual guidance of a Dominican priest, Fr. Joseph Frehe, O.P. (Later she became a member of the Third Order Dominicans.) Fr. Frehe was present during the majority of these apparitions; at times, one or two of Miss Peerdeman's sisters was present. Although neither they nor Fr. Frehe were able to see or hear anything, they recorded the messages as they were repeated slowly by the seer.

These apparitions of Our Lady continued until 1959. In 1958, Miss Peerdeman began experiencing Eucharistic visions and locutions which ended on March 25, 1984. The apparitions occurred for the most part in either her home, or in what is now known as the Chapel of the Apparitions in Amsterdam. Occasionally messages were given at the nearby Dominican church of St. Thomas. Approximately, one third of the apparitions, also, took place in Germany. Two locutions were, also, received in 1966 and 1969 at the chapel of the Miraculous Medal on the Rue du Bac in Paris, France. In summation, there were fifty-six apparitions and one hundred and fifty one mystical experiences associated with the Holy Eucharist! The Eucharistic episodes are without equal not only because of the extraodinary messages but because the divine communications were given by God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit! On certain occassions only One Divine Person spoke and on others All Three Divine Persons of God spoke! Many, although not all, of these "Eucharistic experiences" as they are now commonly referred to, took place during the celebration of the Mass. Currently, there is a general misconception that the Eucharistic experiences began on July 17, 1958 however after careful examination one realizes that they actually began on the feast of the Visitation, May 31, 1958. This is very significant. To understand the relevance of this date, refer to the section entitled, The Lady & May 31.

Although the messages of the Most Blessed Trinity are very serious and command attention, they are for the most part dramatically uplifting and hopeful. As a matter of fact, during the holy Sacrifice of the Mass which Ida Peerdeman was attending on May 31, 1977 Our Lord announced at the elevation of the Sacred Host: "Thus it shall remain for all eternity, tell this to your theologians...There is a great event in store for the Church!" Listen to the following messages which are absolutely wonderful. "Rejoice, My people. My hour has come" (September 8, 1979). Referring to Pope John Paul II on February 2, 1980: "And you, My Supreme Pastor, I shall open your eyes and ears still more. You will be the Master-builder of the present time and the coming generation!" Throughout these messages the True Presence of Our Lord in the Most Holy Eucharist and true devotion to Mary, the Mother of the Catholic Church, "the true Community of nations," is stressed. On October 7, 1978 Our Lord, alluding to the forthcoming vanquishment of Satan, declared to the seer, Ida Peerdeman: "This is the victory of Her whom I have sent. Be comforted, My people. I am with you all."

Miss Peerdeman died on June 17, 1996 shortly before her birthdate of August 13. She would have been 91 years old. However, Ida lived to see that the Prayer, the image, and devotions to the Lady of All Nations were granted full ecclesiastical approval by the late Bishop Henrik Bomers and the Auxiliary Bishop Josef Punt, both of the Haarlem-Amsterdam diocese, on May 31, 1996. This was a great gift of solace for Ida who had suffered much ridicule and persecution during her life time. It was the fulfillment of a prophecy given by Our Lady on Ida's behalf many years before. Such was the loving compassion and gratitude of Mary for her child, Ida. The approval means that public veneration to Our Mother under the title of The Lady of All Nations is permitted with the Church's blessings.

The first message that Ida received was short and cryptic. It referred basically to dates coinciding with the end of the war in Europe. Some of the messages were very symbolic and pertained to either the number of dogmas at the time or to the Apostasy or to similar events in the Old Testament or to the prophetic writings of Revelations or to Mary's unique role in salvation history. None of the messages were of a personal nature; all the messages were for mankind, the salvation of souls and the glory of God. Most were prophetic; that is to say, certain events that would or could occur with the passage of time. Certain prophecies were and are contingent upon mankinds' response to various requests from the Mother of God, the Mother of All Nations. In particular, a heavy responsibility now lies with Catholics. To whom much is given, much is expected (Mt 25:29)! The "longer [Catholics] wait [to fulfill the Lady's requests], the more the Faith will decline; the greater the number of years, the greater the apostasy" (August 15, 1951). Eventually, the whole of God's kingdom on earth will respond that is if Catholics do their duty first! To be precise, Our Lady said on November 16, 1950: "There must be a great drive among Catholics." For "no Church in the world is constituted like yours" (February 11, 1951). "'The Lady of All Nations' can and will bestow on all the peoples of the world who have recourse to Her - grace, redemption and peace. To you all [Catholics], however, falls the task of introducing 'the Lady of All Nations' to the whole world" (February 17, 1952). "Go about with great ardour and zeal; set about this work of redemption and peace and you will see the miracle" (April 1, 1951). "The sign of 'the Lady of All Nations' will later be seen over the whole world. Let them understand this well! Sham powers will fall" (February 17, 1952).

It is interesting to note that the span of time between the prediction of an event and its actual occurrence is quite extraordinary. For example, on December 3, 1949 and on February 11, 1951 Ida Peerdeman was given a vision of the Second Vatican Council which actually took place many years later in 1962. Another noteworthy aspect of the apparitions is that much of the content of the messages either parallel holy Scripture perfectly or allegorically refer to the essence and meaning of certain scriptural passages. As a result of this uncanny juxtaposition of the messages to scripture, the historic relevance of scripture to the present is underscored while at the same time the truth is illuminated. This is a very unusual quality, an extraordinary grace. In this sense, the apparitions of the Lady of All Nations are unique. In addition, all the apparitions of Our Lady to Ida are preceded by a "bright light." Just as at La Salette, Fatima and Akita, there is always a significant mentioning of light, a prelude, if you will, to the actual visitation of Our Lady. Now listen to John 1, 5 - 9: "The light shines on in darkness, a darkness that did not overcome it. There was a man named John sent by God, who came as witness to testify to the light, so that through him all men might believe - but only to testify to the light, for he himself was not the light. The real light which gives light to every man was coming into the world." Therefore, the "bright light" that Ida describes infers the presence of God; Mary, Our Mother, is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit "sent by Her Lord and Creator," (May 10, 1953), to attest to the will of God; Ida, like John, is only the messenger "to testify to the light" (Jn 1,8). Upon reflection of the above mentioned facts - the time factor, the fulfillment of the prophecies and the accurate scriptural analogies - the significance of the Lady of All Nations' declaration, "My signs are inherent in my words" (April 4, 1954), becomes crystal clear!


In addition to the 1951 prophetic announcement of the Second Vatican Council II, there are a number of other prophecies which were fulfilled. The following is an incomplete list of some of them.

1. The prediction of events taking place today with the Muslim nations and a warning to nations in reference to possible missle attacks armed with bacteriological warheads containing Yersinia pestis, more commonly known as Black Plague. According to Our Lady these bacteriological weapons were prepared by Russia as well as other nations. Prophecy dated: December 26, 1947

2. The warning to America against possible attack with weapons of chemical warfare which were produced by Russia in underground labs with rogue scientists from various  nations such as France, Germany, and Poland. Prophecy dated: October 1, 1949

3. An alarming announcement of "another great catastrophe for the world" against the West and coming from the East. This is followed by a vision of "a great number of stars in the air" apparently in reference to the United States of America. This could be pertaining to the recent September 11, 2001 attack on America. Prophecy dated: June 9, 1946

4. The war in the Balkans (Yugoslavia and the surrounding areas). Also the ominous prediction of "a great disaster" which will occur either in the Balkans or emanate from there and is apparently connected with Eastern peoples (possibly Muslims) whom "he (the devil) will rouse". This prediction involves Europe and "the middle of North America" (obviously the U.S.A.). There are other similar predictions which also involve Greece and Turkey.  Prophecies dated: May 7, 1949, October 1,1949, May 27,1950, August 15, 1950, August 27, 1977

5. Forewarning of a "terrible pain coming over India". Prophecy dated: February 14, 1950

6. An emphatic caution for "Rome to be on the alert"! This is followed by a declaration that "Rome is in danger" from false ecumenism emanating especially from the Anglican Church, Russian Church and the Armenian Church as well as others. Our Lady forewarns of atheists. Prophecy dated: March 29, 1946; January 4, 1947 and  May 7, 1949

7. The prediction of a "struggle in Rome against the Pope". Prophecy dated: June 9, 1946

8. A warning against the European Market. "Europe take warning, unite in the good cause." Prophecy dated: December 16, 1949

9. The Chenobyl meltdown of the nuclear plant in the Ukraine (USSR) which at the time of Our Lady's revelation wasn't even built yet! (The word 'chenobyl' means wormwood. See scripture: Revelations 9:11) Prophecy dated: December 10, 1950

10. The dissent regarding celibacy. Prophecies dated: May 31, 1956 and May 31,1957

11. The Apostasy (referring either to the abandonment of the faith or to the infiltration and treachery ) within the Church. Prophecies dated: August 29, 1945, March 29, 1946, May 7, 1949, May 27, 1950, March 28, 1951, February 19, 1958, May 31, 1965, May 31, 1978 and January 6, 1980

12. The October 1, 1949 Communist takeover of China. Prophecies dated: October 7, 1945

13. The division of Korea into North and South by the demarcation of the 38th parallel which occurred in 1953, "an omen and the beginning of great distress" referring to the eventual sufferings of the Korean people, the future plans of the aggressive North Korean government and its nuclear arsenal, and the rapid spread of Communism from this period on. Prophecy dated: August 15, 1950 and December 10, 1950

14. The changing of the fasting requirement to receive the Holy Eucharist. Prophecy dated: January 25, 1951

15. The revelations regarding the deaths of three popes. Prophecies dated: February 19, 1958 - the death of Pope Pius XII in October of the same year; June 11, 1978 - the death of Pope Paul VI, less than two months later; September 28, 1978 - the death of Pope John Paul I, the following day. In addition to these revelations, Ida also was also made aware of the identity of two future Popes on two separate occassions, namely: Pope Paul VI "Montini" on May 31, 1963; and Pope John Paul II on October 15, 1978!

16. The construction of the Berlin Wall. Prophecies dated:February 14,1950, August 15, 1950, December 10, 1950

17. The turmoil and battles within Jerusalem. Prophecies dated: December 26, 1947, March 28, 1948

18. Reference to the eventual victory of Israel as a nation. Prophecy dated: April 21, 1945

19. The prediction of troubled times for Formosa (Taiwan). Prophecies dated: August 15, 1950, December 10, 1950

20. Some other prophecies involve trouble for the Philippines, China's past invasion of Tibet and the degeneration of the Netherlands. There are just too many to enumerate.


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