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( MAY 31, 1958 - MARCH 25, 1984 )


 1) "...Put a stop to those false theories about the Eucharist, sacraments, doctrine, priesthood, marriage and family-planning" (May 31, 1965).


2) Referring to the most Holy Eucharist: "Take care of the Transubstantiation" (September 8, 1974). "Eat and drink this, all of you, and you will enter the gate" (June 13, 1974). Our Lord speaking on October 11, 1959: "I shall and will dwell among all nations...Do understand the Daily Wonder."


3) To the Church of Rome: "Keep the primacy in your own hands. Grasp the meaning of these my words: the Church of Rome must remain the Church of Rome." (May 31, 1965)


4) To the Bishop of Rome, Pope John Paul II, "he who comes from afar" (October 16, 1978): "this task belongs to your Primacy." "I have given you the power." "You Cephas, My Peter, you will have to wage a fierce struggle...My Peter, bring the glorified Lady- 'the Lady of All Nations' into your churches. She will lead the nations to 'HER LORD,' to Whom SHE was allowed to give birth by the Will of the Father.'" (August 15, 1979)


5) To Pope John Paul II: "You, Peter, must restrain them with 'the Doctrine' (Doctrine = Dogma) which is and will always remain...Beware of the wolves, My Peter, they come to you in sheepskin. Go through with your Shepherd's Crook" (May 25, 1980). "My servant Peter, take the golden thread once more and open the door with that key" (May 31, 1978). (The 'golden thread' refers to the dogma of the Lady of All Nations. See Psalm 45:14-18.) "This is My command to you: Do gather them!(cf. Isaiah 40:11; Jn 10:2-4 and Jn 10:14-16) It is a heavy task to be taken on your shoulders, but I have given you My golden thread. Accept it and you will see the re-blossoming" (May 31, 1977).


6) "My Cephas ,[Pope John Paul II], you have called unto Me...listen. Remove that side-branch from the tree (cf. Isaiah 18:3 and 10:33), for you will find that there already was destruction in the roots of this branch. It has been infested by the worms of death...for the tree can flourish again and bear fruit." Then Our Lord warns the Holy Father to be aware apostate bishops and identifies four of them by the letters 'U,' and 'H,' and 'B,' and 'G' (January 6, 1980).


7) "Bishops and priests, My apostles, bring back My people and the Spirit will help you. But you yourselves must adhere to the true Spirit. Go to the Roman Pontiff and implore him to proclaim the Lady all over the world. Now there is still time. This is your commission for today" (August 15, 1973).


8) "And you, My priests, be again apostles. Preach what is in the Books" (August 15, 1973).


9) "...Propagate 'the Truth'" (December 8, 1972).


10) "And you, My apostles, what have you done? Return to the daily sacrifice, to the daily miracle, and you will have peace and rest again in your hearts" (September 8, 1973).


11) "It is LIFE they wanted to kill. I AM THAT LIFE and I want you to taste of it every day" (May31, 1976). And on May  31, 1977 at the consecration of the Host during Mass: "This it shall remain for all eternity! Tell this to your theologians!"


12) "She will be victorious if you do the Will of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Proclaim Her 'the Lady of All Nations.' And then...This is the new era that is to come" (August 15, 1976).


13) A reminder to pray for more holy vocations: "My people, you must implore [God] the Father. Ask HIM for good Apostles, priests... and the Church of Rome will regain its strength" (February 2, 1980).


14) "Priests and lay-people, go on fighting for Her Who gave birth to Me. The time is NOW" (September 8, 1972).


15) To priests: "And you, My shepherds, where are you? Will you too revile Me? (Just prior to this Ida was given a vision of the Masonic Triangle.) Think of your true duty and vocation. Reassemble My flocks that are left. Take my lambs into safe keeping and lead them back to the 'daily miracle.' Only there peace and rest can be found. CARRY ME AGAIN THROUGH THE STREETS AND ACROSS THE SQUARES. Remain faithful and the Spirit will help you. He will feed you the heavenly Manna and let you drink from the water of the Spring" (March 25, 1973).


16) Words of encouragement to the good, faithful priests on December 8, 1972: "And you, My apostles, who still are serving the altar, don't be discouraged. Don't fear. Continue faithfully along the same lines. Believe in Me and in the Transubstantiation. The Lord is with you. Gather the remnants and assemble My flock. I am with you." And on May 31, 1973: "And you, My shepherds and apostles, are you discouraged and defeated? Maintain your faith in Me. Understand well that knowledge does not proceed from man but from the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from the Father and the Son. He alone gives knowledge and wisdom, for nothing takes its rise from man himself. Stand firm and let no one mislead you."


17) To all: "The Spouse of the Lord was not sent to the earth for no purpose. Make Her known among the nations. Understand this well: Also the Lord stood in need of His Mother in order to attain to life. It is through the Mother that life comes. Hence She must be brought back into your churches and among the nations and you will witness the revival" (March 25, 1973).


18) Referring to Amsterdam: "Now here is 'the Community of all Nations,' the world will receive its blessing from this place" (May 31, 1973). "Take Her back into your Church. Amsterdam, She will gather the nations into your city...Netherlands, you have shouldered an arduous task. Do bring Her back. That will also bring about the salvation of other nations" (September 8, 1973). (Amsterdam is the city of the 'Miraculous Host.' Holland, or Netherlands as it is known, is, also, referred to in the messages of Our Lady of La Salette as the "Protestant nation to the north" which shall be the cause of conversion for the rest of the world.)


19) On May 31, 1978 Our Lord says to Ida: "They [apostate priests] have ravaged My Church and chased My followers into the wilderness." Then Ida sees priests and clergymen coming out of seminaries and universities looking and acting like foxes, wolves, and hyenas. "They are those who have led My people into the wilderness and broken up My Church."(cf. Zech.11:4-17; Hosea 4:4-7; Mal. 2:1-9)


20) On April 3, 1980 Ida, having just received the Holy Eucharist, is told: "Thus...I want to be brought among mankind, from the hands of ordained priests." Here Our Lord indicates His desire to have His True Presence in the Holy Eucharist administered by ordained priests only - not by extraordinary ministers! This custom was initiated by the bishops of the Church and not, as is mistakenly attributed, by the Second Vatican Council. "The Holy Eucharist is the gift of the Lord, which should be distributed to laymen through the intermediation of Catholic priests who are ordained especially for this work. Neither is it permitted that the Consecrated Host and Chalice be taken or given into the hands of the faithful" (Pope John Paul II's Pastoral Letter of April 3, 1980 - Inaestimablile Donum).

Of course, this instruction was deliberately ignored and vehemently protested by many of the bishops of the world and unfortunately, most of the lay faithful are not aware of Pope John Paul II's Pastoral Letter. As a matter of fact, in spite of this Pastoral Letter, Episcopal Conferences of Bishops continued to introduce the practice of receiving in the hand. In order to maintain unity among the flock and to overcome any moral dilemmas which might jeopardize the salvation of those who were being misled, the Apostolic See approved this practice of reception in the hand while emphasizing preference of reception on the tongue! Obviously, the Pope's declaration of April 3, 1980 was underscored by God Himself when He gave Ida the exact same message on the exact same date! At the time, neither Ida Peerdeman nor Pope John Paul II was aware of the other's pronouncements. The remarkable timeliness and the identical nature of the contents of these two pronouncements were not coincidences but rather a great grace from God so that we may be aware of the veracity of the statements and recognize His will as given through His messengers, namely, Ida Peerdeman and, Our Vicar of Christ, Pope John Paul II.

Furthermore, in 1969 Pope Paul VI had also previously warned against Eucharistic reception via the hands of the Communicants for it "leads to irreverence... profanation ...[and] adulteration of the correct doctrine of the True Presence of Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist." On February 24, 1980 Pope John Paul II said: "How eloquently the rite of the annointing of priests' hands in our Latin ordination tells that a special grace and power of the Holy Spirit is necessary precisely for priests' hands...To touch and distribute the Holy Eucharist with their consecrated hands is the privilege of an ordained priest" (Dominicae Cenae). According to the post conciliar document of Vatican II, Inestimabile Donum: "The faithful, whether religious or lay, who are authorized as extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist can distribute Communion only when there is no priest, deacon or acolyte; when the priest is impeded or advanced by age; or when the number of faithful going to Communion is so large as to make the celebration of Mass excessively long. Accordingly, a reprehensible attitude is shown by those priests who, though present at the celebration, refrain from distributing Communion and leave this task to the laity!"

It is therefore evident that there has been illicit use of extraordinary ministers by the clergy. Clearly, the function and utilization of such ministers is to be employed only as a means of last resort! In light of such abusive practice, it is up to the lay faithful to conscientiously follow the will of Our Lord by receiving on the tongue and from a priest whenever possible!


21) Many of Our Lord's messages, during the period of 1976 to 1980, emphasize Mary's role as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate during the holy Sacrifice of the Mass. For example, Ida describes the presence of a radiant letter "M" appearing just prior to and during the consecration after which it fades away. On September 8, 1976 Our Lord says: "Listen, ye nations. She is standing beside the Altar of Sacrifice by the Will of the Father." On September 8, 1974, Our Lord reminds us that without the Lady the Church becomes "an empty, barren desert, bereft of its contents." He asks: "Retrace your steps. The Lady belongs there. If you consider it in that spirit, your Church will be reborn."


22) "And, ye, peoples, rally and unite in the name of 'the Lady of All Nations'" (May 31, 1973).


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