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(March 25, 1945 - May 31, 1959)



1) Say the Prayer of the Lady of All Nations in front of the Image of the Lady of All Nations or in front of the Cross or wherever you may be. "Have recourse to the  Holy Spirit now" (May 31, 1955)!


2) Spread the messages of the Lady of All Nations by sharing the Prayer and giving the Image to whomever you may meet. There must be a great drive among Catholics to introduce the Lady of All Nations to the world. (cf. November 16, 1950.)


3) Petition the Bishop of Rome, Pope John Paul II, for the dogma of the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate under the title of the Lady of All Nations. (cf. May 10, 1953.) "This world can be saved only through the Church that holds this doctrine" (November 15, 1951). "Do fight and ask for this dogma: it is the crowning of your Lady" (April 4, 1954)! "Why do you not ask your Holy Father to pronounce the dogma the Lady demands?" (May 31, 1955) Over and over the Lady asks all of us to fight for this dogma, to pray for this dogma, to petition for this dogma!!! This is the work of the Communion of Saints here on earth, the Church, which includes the Holy Father, all bishops, priests and religious and all lay faithful. This directive from Our Mother is not just for one group of people but for all God's people. We are truly Our Mother's children and we must stand up for Our Mother and cooperate in this great effort. Together we must show Her how much we love Her! Sign the Petition which Our Mother gave us on May 10, 1953!


4) "Let a great movement among the laity be organized to gain them [priests] for this campaign" (February 11, 1951).


5) Let "the Religious Orders...play a large part in propagating the Message" (September 20, 1951).


6) "The Dominicans are to take charge of the spreading of the Messages and of the picture...One great Community has to be formed, the direction of which I place into the hands of the Dominican Fathers. Let them well consider what I entrust them with." The Lady of All Nations on August 15, 1950, speaking to the seer, Ida Peerdeman, shows her a vision of a "dog holding a torch in its mouth" (symbol of St. Dominic and the Order of Preachers) which "comes and stands straight in front of Her," the Lady of All Nations. Then the Lady "points upward and I see a white dove." The Lady says: "This is the new spirit that is to come."


7) "Let the regular and secular clergy understand one another and work together for the one great cause" (December 8, 1952)!


8) Bring the Cross back to the center of "this degenerate world." Make love the center of your lives. "Strive after justice, truth and love" (December 8, 1952).


9) "Nobody knows which way to turn? Now, then, get back to your simple faith and the world will regain peace." (April 15, 1951) The Mother, the Lady of All Nations, has suffered before us in this life and She will show us the way to the true and simple faith. "I will comfort you...Your Mother knows what life is like; your Mother is familiar with sorrow" (May 31, 1955).


10) Beware of all the false prophets. The Lady of All Nations can not stress this enough. Do not be like "children who insists upon fireworks, whereas they have no eyes for the true light and for the true fire!" (May 31, 1957.)


11) "And now I speak to the women of the world: women of this world, do you know what being a woman means? 'Sacrifice.' Abandon your self-seeking and vanity and try to lead to the Cross, the center of everything: your children and all those who are still wandering at pasture. You yourselves, participate in the Sacrifice" (May 31, 1951). "Are you not conscious of your role? Listen well: as woman is, so is man. You, women, must set the example. Come back to your womanliness" (December 10, 1950).


12) "And now I speak to the men of this world. To them I say: From you, men, should come the strength and the will to lead the world to the Sole Prince of this world, the Lord Jesus Christ" (May 31, 1951). "I have one question for you, men: where are the soldiers of Christ? More I need not say" (December 10, 1950).


13) "The children must receive a Christian upbringing" (February 7, 1946). "[Religious] educators and parents, take care of the young. Do show them the way to the True Church - the Community" (December 8, 1952). "The Lady asks you, parents, to teach your children this prayer. Bring your children back to the Sacrifice" (May 31, 1955).


14) To the world and to families: "Keep on praying [the Rosary], all of you" (October 7, 1945). "Persevere to the end in saying it" (March 25, 1945).


15) "For Africa I say: Let it be known that I desire a seminary there. I shall assist the Dominicans" (February 11, 1951).


16) "White people, respect the rights of black people. You should support and help one another and 'the Lady of All Nations' will be there and help you wherever you are" (December 8, 1952). "Look at My black sheep: White sheep, beware! Now there is yet time for you all to co-operate in order to achieve unity" (October 11, 1953). "Let all nations come back to the Sacrifice! And when I say 'nations,' I mean thereby My white and especially My black sheep, standing about Me. White people, do concern yourselves with the black peoples; they have to be led towards the Lord Jesus Christ; they have to be shown the way to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit" (May 31, 1955).


17) "Christian peoples, the heathens will teach you" (March 28, 1948). "And the Lord grew angry with His people...He gave them over into the hands of the nations, and their foes ruled over them. Their enemies oppressed them, and they were humbled under their power" (Ps 106:40 - 42). It is late but there is still time for the Christians to unite and make the cross the center of this world otherwise we will learn the hard way.


18) Read the Encyclicals. Learn your faith. "Follow the precepts of the Encyclicals. Let the world be filled with their teaching! For then the spirit of untruth, lies and deception will be frustrated" (December 8, 1952).


19) Defend your faith. Fight for your faith. Preserve your faith. Share your faith. The Lady of All Nations gives us the examples of St. Joan of Arc, who preserved the faith for France, and the Maccabees of the Old Testament, who preserved the Judaic faith and the line of David by literally fighting for it! We are to live on by fighting for and defending the faith and our lives; we are not to idly accept persecution. We are obligated to protect ourselves and the faith, thereby preserve the "True Church - The Community" to the glory of God. On May 31, 1977 Our Lord says to Ida: "Now the Maccabees are coming forth." We are to be the 'Maccabees,' soldiers of Christ, under the banner of the Victorious Queen, the Lady of All Nations. (Our Lady is and always will be Victorious but the question is how many will choose to be on the winning side for the salvation of their souls and the glory of God?) Read these stories; they are quite enlightening.


20) "You men who hold higher positions in this world, do not lead your children astray; do not misguide the least of My children; you are responsible before your Lord Jesus Christ...You are responsible before the Lord Jesus Christ, you bear the responsibility" (May 31, 1955). Read the Wisdom of Solomon 6: 1-9.


21) "Apostles of the Lord, remain faithful to your divine calling" (March 25, 1970)!


22) "Do your part in your own country...spread the prayer and these messages. Introduce Mary as 'the Lady of All Nations' into your country...The time has now come and it is very short. Mary stands here as the Mother who wants to help Her children. Ask and She will help you - under this new title" (October 11, 1953). Pray for your country! Say the Prayer for your country!


23) Build the church of 'the Lady of All Nations' on the Wandelweg in Amsterdam, Holland. "The new church must be built as quickly as possible...Where the grass is still growing (referring to the once open marshland of the Wandelweg)...Tell your Bishop that it is the wish of 'the Lady of All Nations' that this church should be built there. The Dominicans are to take charge of the spreading of the Messages and of the picture" (December 8, 1952). Unfortunately, the church of The Lady of All Nations was not built and in time the marsh land was developed. In this area there now sits a sprawling entertainment/conference complex called Ring Amsterdam International or RAI, as it is commonly referred to. There is also a huge parking facility attached to it with additional parking grounds surrounding the exterior. The complex is built amidst a now well populated suburb which has become part of the city proper of Amsterdam and adjacent to a main parkway or "Ring" as it is called. This is why in the following message of the Lady of All Nations, She stated that there "will be difficulties" due to the development of the complex and area. However, it is still the desire of Our Mother that this church be built in exactly that location. Here is the message of May 31, 1956: "Now in the presence of witnesses, the Lady will show you where the church of 'the Lady of All Nations' is going to be and what it will look like...on the "Wandelweg" where the church is meant to be...They will have difficulties - it is a large piece of land, later to be encircled by a fair-sized suburb...You see three [green] domes, a big one and on either side, a smaller one... (Now inside the church, She describes the interior.) In the center we have the Crucifix, the Daily Miracle (referring to the tabernacle) [and] the altar of the Sacrifice of the Cross...There (on the Epistle side) you see the Father, sitting on the globe...a Cross is standing in His right hand. Above this image there is a Dove which radiates in all directions... (Pointing to the Gospel side and a new depiction of Herself in sculpture) The altar of the Lady is depicting the way in which I shall come...There is the painting [of the Lady of All Nations] (in the back of the new church on the Gospel side), apart, in a chapel of its own. Such was the Will of the Lord Jesus Christ...Where the church is going to be (on the Wandelweg), 'She' (referring to the present picture) will not appear."


24)  " The Prayer that Mary as ' the Lady of All Nations ' has presented to the world, will have to be said in all churches" (December 8, 1952).


25) "Tell your Supreme Pastor that I will take them to Him. Through Me to Him. BUT, THEY MUST REPENT" (A special appearance of the Lady of All Nations on February 11, 1981). And, in a final message of May 31, 1981, the Lady of All Nations says: "Be faithful...REPENT." In this the "eleventh hour," it is time to reflect and to re-evaluate the condition of our souls. Did not the Lady comment that we are like "sheep grazing?" She meant that we, the sheep, are so distracted and self-absorbed by superficial and superfluous goals, such as materialism and base pleasures, that we are blind to the imminent danger to our souls and to the fact that we will never "achieve peace and contentedness" without God. Jesus came to minister to the "poor," to the "prodigal sons," to the "lost sheep." We are the "poor," the "prodigal sons," and the "lost sheep"; but God's love is enduring and merciful and there will be "more joy in heaven over one repentant sinner" (Lk 15:7). Follow the Good Shepherd; look at the crucified body of Christ on the cross and see the Love that is yours. Amend your life; ask for forgiveness; go back to Confession. Don' t wait for "the moment when something dreadful will happen" (October 7, 1945); don't be "like sheep [who] are herded into the nether world; death is their shepherd...the nether world is their palace" (Ps 49:14-15). Ask your Mother, the Lady of All Nations, to help you. "Mary stands here as the Mother who wants to help Her children. Ask and She will help you - under this new title" (October 11, 1953).


26) "The Lord has sent Me to you for the last time in this Temple of Sacrifice and Prayer, in order to warn you all. The time has come. I have always set you an example to lead you to HIM, as the First one among His sheep and I was allowed to bring the Prayer for all nations. Keep on praying. Be faithful to your Church - the Church of Rome. Be faithful to Cephas, Peter your Pope. Repent....I shall not leave you orphans...He, the Spirit of Truth, will save the world if you keep on imploring...[To Ida] Farewell, till Eternity" (A final special farewell message on May 31, 1981).


27) Disapprovingly to theologians: "I have said that theology must yield to the interests of My Son. By this I mean: theologians, the Son always uses what is little and simple for the carrying out of His designs" (April 1, 1951).


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