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"I saw the Blessed Virgin once, but as for you, you have not only seen, but received Our Lord Himself perhaps a hundred times! Do you think that this favor, though more common, is not infinitely greater!"(Protestation of 1847)

"La Salette is now like a flower in winter they cover with dirt and dung, but which in the summer springs from the earth more beautiful!"(Prophecy of 1851)

Maximin Geraud, seer of La Salette

"I am terrified with these prodigies. We have everything that is needed in our religion for the conversion of sinners; and when heaven employs such means, the evil must be very great!"

Cardinal Fornari, Italy, 1851

"Would that they might always be of such a mind, to fear Me and to keep all My commandments! Then they and their descendants would prosper forever!

Our Lord to Moses, Deuteronomy 5:29


There are only a limited number of Catholics who are aware of the events which took place in the small French mountain village of La Salette a little over one hundred fifty years ago, on September 19, 1846. It is a shame that these events have not been related to the faithful for they apply not only to the period when they were announced by Our Lady, but especially to our own time also in that there are prophectic declarations for the end of this Marian era. The apparition of La Salette was approved by the Bishop of Grenoble, Philibert de Bruillard, on the fifth anniversary of the apparition and the proclamation was read from all the pulpits of France on November 16, 1851. Both Pope Pius IX and Pope Leo XIII were enthusiastic patrons of this apparition, granting indulgences for prayers and devotions said in honor of Our Lady of La Salette. In addition, both popes were very supportive of both seers, in particular Melanie Calvat in later years with whom they not only communicated with but greatly encouraged, especially at a time when it seemed for her that all the clergy of France had turned against her!

Melanie Mathieu Calvat, fourteen years of age, and Maximin Giraud, age eleven, were two peasant children who worked as shepherds in the district of Corps of which the village of La Salette is a part. The two children had not even met each other until the day before the event which would change their lives and that of the world irrevocably. Melanie was a rather quiet girl who kept very much to herself. Maximin was a rather outgoing, loquacious boy. Maximin's master had suggested to him that he should graze his herd along with that of Melanie's who worked for a differerent master. It took quite an effort on part of Maximin to even get Melanie to speak to him let alone allow him to graze the herd with her's. However, Maximin was not lacking in persistence nor in words and the two of them grazed the herds together for the first time on September 18, 1846.

The events are recounted by the two children of La Salette as they took place on Saturday, September 19, 1846, eve of the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon just after the Angelus bells rang. 

The children met on that day and took the herds to the somewhat higher slopes where there was better grazing. The day was uneventful and Maximin asked Melanie to teach him a game. Melanie showed him how to play a game called "Paradise", which consisted of building a playhouse out of nearby stones and decorating it with flowers. After the game the children felt sleepy and lay down in the grass to take a nap. Upon waking Melanie could not see the cows and she proceeded to a higher point on the slope and found them grazing. It was at this point that she noticed a very bright light. She called to Maximin to look over at the light when, as Melanie describes it, she was overtaken by a great urge to proceed toward the light. Melanie also describes that in doing this she was overcome with a great feeling of love, respect, and awe. As they proceeded Melanie saw that within this light there was another light and that within that she saw a most beautiful Lady, who was sitting on the "Paradise" that they had built, holding her head in her hands. As they approached the Lady stood up. As described by Melanie, this was the appearance of the Lady:

" ...The clothing of the Most Holy Virgin was silver and white and quite brilliant. It was quite intangible. It was made up of light and glory, sparkling and dazzling. There is no expression nor comparision to be found on earth...[Her shawl, shoes and robe were of purest white for She is the Immaculate Conception.]

"The Holy Virgin was all beauty and all love; the sight of Her overwhelmed me. In Her finery as well as in Her person, everything radiated the majesty, the spendor, the magnificence of a Queen beyond compare. She seemed as white, immaculate, crystallized, dazzling, heavenly, fresh and new as a Virgin.

"The word 'Love' seemed to slip from Her pure and silvery lips. She appeared to me like a good mother, full of kindness, amiability, of love for us, of compassion and mercy.

"The diadem of roses [just above Her brow] on Her head was so beautiful, so brilliant...from the center of the roses there came a sort of flame, which rose up like incense and mingled with the Light that surrounded the Blessed Virgin. The different colored roses were not of this earth. Between the roses there were brillant pearls which made...little branches joining flowers together which crowned the head of the Most Holy Virgin. But the roses kept changing and replacing each other; this gave the roses a shimmering beauty..." [This diadem of roses was "exceedingly full of light" and  encircled the beautiful cap or crown which was similar to the local head-dress. After careful consideration of this description, especially "the brillant pearls" which formed "little branches" between each rose, it is clearly evident that this is the Most Holy Rosary which forms the lower part of Our Lady's crown. Each rose represents the Our Father and each connecting pearl represents the Hail Mary. Remember also that the Crucified Christ rest on Our Lady of La Salette's breast just at the level of Her heart. This again emphasizes the picture of the rosary which is begun first by the recitation of the Creed at the place of the Crucifix. Incidentally, the positioning of the Cross at Our Lady's heart also reminds us that their two hearts are in Spiritual Oneness as on the back of the Miraculous Medal and as emphasized at Fatima in the phrase "the infinite merits of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Redeemer) and the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Co-redemptrix)".]

"...The Holy Virgin had a most pretty cross hanging round Her neck. The cross seemed golden. On this shining beautiful cross, there was a Christ; it was Our Lord on the cross...[The cross hangs between the small chain which symbolizes the fact that through Our Lord's crucifixion we have received redemption; He broke the "chain of death" through His Victory on the Cross (cf. 1Cor 15:55-58).]

"Near both ends of the cross there was a hammer [representing the blows received for each of  our sins]  and at the other end a pair of thongs [representing reparation made by us]. The Christ was skin-colored, but he shone dazzlingly; and the light that shone forth from His whole body seemed like brightly shining darts which pierced my heart with the desire to melt inside Him. At times the Christ appeared to be dead... At other times, the Christ appeared to be alive. His Head was erect, His eyes open, and he seemed to be on the cross of His own accord. At times, too, He appeared to speak; He seemed to show that He was on the cross for our sake, out of love for us to draw us to His love...

"The Most Holy Virgin had a yellow pinafore [apron]... more brilliant than several suns put together...nearly the length of the robe...covered by [shimmering] spangles... [The "yellow pinafore...covered by spangles" is a beautiful depiction of the graces which emanate through Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit and Mediatrix of all graces, from Her Lord and Ours and His Holy Church "the yellow pinafore".]

"The Most Holy Virgin wore two chains, one a little narrower than the other. From the narrower one hung the cross which I mentioned earlier...[This larger chain and the second set of various colored roses, which hung over the white robe and shawl,   represent the souls of Her children, good and bad; those of sinners in bondage or "chains" and those "roses" or souls in the state of grace.] 

"Her shoes were white, but silvery. There were white, blue and red roses around them [the colors of France]...On Her shoes was a buckle of gold, but not gold of this earth...

"The Holy Virgin was crying nearly the entire time that She was speaking to me...far from lessening Her air of majesty, of a Queen and a Mistress, seemed, on the contrary, to embellish Her, to make Her more beautiful, more powerful, more filled with love...[Truly, this is the sorrowful picture of a Mother who weeps over Her children  whose souls are in gravest danger and who offend Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ!]


The Holy Virgin Speaks

"Come, my children, fear not, I am here to proclaim great news to you."

The Lady began to cry. She went on to say,

"If my people do not wish to submit themselves, I am forced to let go of the hand of My Son. It is so heavy and weighs me down so much that I can no longer keep hold of it (cf. "The Third Secret of Fatima").

"I have suffered all of the the time for the rest of you! If I do not wish My Son to abandon you, I must take it upon myself to pray for this without ceasing. And the rest of you think little of this. You will never be able to make up for the pains I have taken for you (cf. messages of Our Lady at Amsterdam & Akita).

"You have six days to work, the seventh for My Son and no one wishes to grant [observe] it...This is what weighs down the arm of My Son so much. (cf. Isaiah 58:13-14; Ex 16:26; Ex 20:9-10; Ex 23:12;)

"Those who drive carts cannot speak without putting the name of My Son in the middle.

"These are the two things which weigh down the arm of My Son so much. If the harvest is spoiled, it is only because of the rest of you. I made you see this last year with the potatoes, you took little account of this. It was quite the opposite when you found bad potatoes, you swore oaths, and you included the name of My Son. They will continue to go bad ... at Christmas there will be none left."

Up until this point in time the Lady had been speaking to them in proper French and not in their local dialect. In particular Melanie did not understand the term potato, which in French is "pommes de terre." Literally this means "apples of the earth". Melanie, who had not yet learned proper French, but only knew her local dialect, thought that the Lady was speaking of apples in the earth. This did not make sense to Melanie. The Lady knew this and continued on in the local dialect which the children understood. Speaking in French was no mistake on the part of Our Lady; it would later indicate the veracity of the children's recounting of the apparition. As it turned out, Melanie was able to repeat verbatim Our Lady's first part of the message in perfect French as it was originally given to her which she did not speak nor understand. Those officials who interrogated her marvelled at this unusual phenomenon and could hardly believe their ears that a child who had little schooling, who was considered a bit uncouth and only spoke and understood her local dialect of Patois could reiterate part of the message in French as it was given to her with a perfect accent and flawless grammar and yet not understand a word of what she was saying!

Unbeknownst to these officials at that time was the fact that a secret given to both children was also in French! This is the wisdom of heaven, since the secret was in French the children would not casually slip into repeating it when interrogated. For them the secret was not part of the function of their integrated thinking and they could only recite it rotely as it had been given to them. When the time came that they were to divulge it in a confidential letter to the pope and they had then been formerly schooled in proper French for at least four years, they still had trouble spelling some of the words correctly. It was from this that we now know that there were elements to the secret that still have yet to be revealed but in light of developments which took place since the apparition we can surmise the possibility of what those particular elements were. For example, when writing Melanie asked the spelling of three different words: "infalliblement" (infallibly), "ville souille" (degenerated or ruined city), and "anteChrist" (antiChrist). Remarkably and in retrospect, due to young Melanie's simple concern over orthography in order to be as accurate as possible, the connection can now be made to possible prophecies concerning: 1) the dogma of Infallibility proclaimed in 1870, 2) the recently released Third Secret of Fatima of 1917 and 3) events of Holy Scripture referring to apocalyptic events, such as those contained in St. John's First and Second Epistle and the book of Revelations. This little known but extraordinary detail indubitably binds the message of La Salette as being one and the same as those famed and most important apparitions of this Marian era beginning with the Miraculous Medal and ending with the Lady of All Nations.

The Message continues,

"You do not understand my children. I will tell it to you another way. If the harvest is spoiled, it does not seem to affect you. I made you see this last year with the potatoes. You took little account of this. It was quite the opposite when you found bad potatoes, you swore oaths, and you included the name of My Son. They will continue to go bad and at Christmas, there will be none left."

It should be noted that the ruin of the potatoes to which Our Lady is referring was the beginning of the great potato famine, in which many people died of hunger and which drove many immigrants to the shores of America. The British Isles, including all of Ireland, were particularly devastated by this. It is noteworthy that hardly had a year passed than the potato crop failed in 1847 and continued to fail for at least the next ten years! As the commandment says : "You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God, in vain. For the Lord will not leave unpunished him who takes His name in vain" (Ex 20:7)!

The Lady continues,

"If you have corn you must not sow it. The beasts will eat all that you sow. And all that grows will fall to dust when you thrash it. A great famine will come. Before the famine comes children under the age of seven will tremble and die in the arms of those who hold them. The others will do penance through famine.

For the period of 1854 to 1856, over a million people died across Europe due to starvation. God "therefore let [them] be afflicted with hunger...Like the nations which the Lord destroys before you, so shall you too perish for not heeding the voice of the Lord, your God" (Dt 8:3,20)!

"The nuts will go bad...the grapes will become rotten." (cf. Dt 7:12-14)

The grapes did indeed become rotten. The vines throughout Europe would become infected with Phylloxera.This would institute the practice of grafting the vines onto North American stock which is resistant to the Phylloxera. This practice is continued even until today. It would, however, take decades for the vineyards to recover. All that the Virgin told the children on that day in 1846 became true. The historical record bears this out.

So far the message of Our Lady of La Salette can be summarized in the following manner. Since the children of Our Mother did not honor and love their Lord, neither  His Holy Word nor His Holy Food, then these same children would not as a consequence enjoy the works and fruits of man. For as the reader will note, the very things that were taken away from the people through plague and famine were the most important dietary staples of man in Europe, namely the staple grains and the staple liquid of wine. (Water was not considered potable.) To put it more succintly, since man would not honor and love the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ by respecting His Holy Name and by attending mass on the Lord's Day then neither would they eat the bread and wine of man!!! He who spurns God, will be spurned by God!


A Prologue to the "Secret"

Melanie notes in her account that it was at this point, although she could still see the Lady and the Lady's lips moving, she could not hear what was being said. It was at this point that the Virgin was speaking to Maximin directly, imparting a secret. This secret was given to both children, Melanie receiving a greater portion of it. Eventually, this secret was dutifully fowarded in a sealed envelope to Pope Pius IX through the Bishop of Grenoble in 1851. 

No secret is ever imparted to seers to be kept by them, alone unless it is pertaining to a purely personal request of Our Lady, such as saying a special prayer, as was the case with St. Bernadette or to give some spiritual advice to the seer. Any other information, such as a revelation, communicated to a seer must always be given to the local ordinaire, their bishop, and then it must be submitted to the Pope. The local ordinaire may or may not read it depending upon the circumstances. It should be noted that if an apparition has been denied approval or censured or condemned, no secret will ever be passed on, since through these acts the Church invalidates them and considers them non-existent. In addition, if an apparition has been denied approval (disapproved) by the local ordinaire than also Our Lady will not appear there for than She would be acting against Holy Mother the Church.

When a bishop has spoken, after formerly investigating an alleged apparition, by either giving approbation or denying it, he has exercised his authority and has spoken on behalf of Holy Mother the Church. In some cases, when the local bishop who is responsible for the flock in his diocese writes a dissenting statement publicly warning of the dangers of what he considers to be an unauthentic apparition, he again is acting with authority on behalf of the Church. In the case of those apparitions which have been approved, the lay people are free to believe or not. In the case of those alleged apparitions which have been "disapproved" by an official statement of dissension, the lay people are expected to obey. The Vatican does not interfere with the bishop's duty as the primary source of investigation. To do so would negate the God given mandate of the bishop to be the shepherd of his flock! (Even if one were to hypothetically suggest that a particular bishop was not always considered "orthodox", he still possesses God given power and authority which one must obey, as long as he is not asking you to sin.) Some would argue this point but the fact remains that Our Lord demands obedience to His Church and of course, it goes without saying, the most obedient created being is His Mother! As Our Lord said what is bound here on earth is also bound in heaven!

It is worth stressing that Our Lady would always submit to the Vicar of Her Son, and the bishops who act in concordance with the Holy See, for he has been blessed with God given authority over the Church called the Petrine Mandate. Our Blessed Mother recognizes this authority and dutifully respects it. In addition, secrets are given only on behalf of the flock of Christ and His Church; and in this sense Our Lady is totally deferent to the Vicar of Christ leaving the decision to the him as to whether what She has passed on through the seer is made a public revelation. As Melanie Calvat responded to authorities of the local ordinaire who asked what if the pope "publishes the secret" in March of 1851, "Monsieur, that concerns him. It will be his affair". As we have seen this was also the case with regard to the "Third Secret of Fatima". Sr. Lucia, the seer, dutifully passed her secret on to the pope through the Bishop of Leira for she understood that the pope is Christ's Visible Head of the Church here on earth.  Such actions not only please God and Our Mother but they  attest to the validity and integrity of an apparition! If we acted as "little children" we might all be better off, for "it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs" (Mt 19:14)!

Never will Our Lady conceal some secret or withhold information from the Pope, himself. This would be tantamount to invalidating the authority of Her Son's Church here on earth! This certainly should be a wake up call to those who have been misled to believe Our Lady is appearing in a slew of illegitimate and disapproved (meaning denied approval, condemned and or censured) apparitions which are insubordinate to Holy Mother the Church, the Vicar of Christ, and his bishops and which furthermore are purporting to have secrets which are being withheld from the Vicar of Christ himself, Pope John Paul II. For if Our Mother were to maintain secrets exclusively between a seer or seers and Herself, She would be practicing a form of gnosticism meaning that She and a select group only are privy to knowledge while keeping it from others and thereby effectively relegating the Pope, himself, and the Church militant to a subordinate position. This would be the equivalent of placing Her Son, Her Lord, in an inferior position since He is represented by the Pope. Literally, through such preposterous and contradictory actions, the Church would be a "house divided" against itself, with Our Lord on one side and Our Lady on the other!

Today more than any other time, there is a deliberate rejection, or perhaps in some cases a lack of understanding, in regard to the pyramidal structure of the Church and the authority from Whom it proceeds. This is why Our Lady at Amsterdam has warned us to keep the "simple faith". This is why Our Lord warned us when He said: "False messiahs and false prophets will appear performing signs and wonders so great as to mislead [you]..." (Mt. 24:24). Very clearly Our Lord says "not to believe" them! These are difficult days indeed and what is one to think when even from our parishes nothing is being done to stem the tide of falsehoods and worse yet some parishes are even advertising or propagating and condoning false, disapproved apparitions from their church bulletins or on their bulletin boards: all in disobedience to Holy Mother the Church! Reflect on the words of the Lady of All Nations: "Come back to your simple faith...know how to evaluate and judge after the example of the Lord Jesus Christ". And never forget that Our Lord demands obedience to Himself and His Church! Remember, there is but one thing that matters in this world and it is the Cross of Christ. Isn't this the very reason why Our Lady at La Salette has Her Son's Crucifix affixed to Her; isn't this why Our Lady at Amsterdam stands before the Cross? Anything else is nothing but a fanciful titillation for our eyes and ears not just to the point of distraction but, it seems, to the point of obsession and captivation, until the Truth is completely rejected. As the old saying goes "all that glitters is not gold"!  


The "Secret"

Maximin's Declaration

Maximin in later years, wrote the following account of what Our Lady said to him. (The account is abridged and not necessarily in the order in which it was given; nor is the account below written in an exact chronological order representing the historical sequence in which events have occurred in the past or might possibly occur in the future. The secret has been segmented to allow for historical comments, scriptural analogies and various comments.)

"...The Lady began by saying to me:

" 1.' Three fourths of France shall lose the Faith, and the other fouth, that shall prserve it, shall practice it with tepidity.

"2.' The next Pope shall not be a Roman.

This refers to Pope Leo XIII's papacy which commenced in 1878 and all succeding popes thereafter. Due to breakup of the Papal States in 1871 under King Victor Emmanuel II of Sardinia, his Prime Minister Count di Cavour and Guiseppe Garibaldi, a military leader and political strategist, Rome became the capital of Italy and officially separated from the Vatican. As a result, any  pope after Pius IX would never be considered a Roman citizen since Rome was no longer a part of the Holy Roman Empire. In 1922, Mussolini decreed that the Vatican was a mini-state within Rome. This move expediently and permanently implemented the separation of Church and state in an effort to limit the power of the Catholic Church and diminish the idea of the "Divine Right of Rule" of monarchs. Thus by the early 20th century, the Vatican became an officially world recognized country/state in an almost completely secular society. In order to visit former Catholic Papal States or any other country the Vatican would now have to resort to representative ambassadorships and foreign protocol! If one were to calculate the years, it would be realized that the Holy Roman Empire, which had existed from about the 4th century A.D. until the end of the 19th century A.D., a period of 1600 years, was effectively dissolved in less than a period of 100 years!

"3.' Peace shall not be given to the world until men will be converted.

"4.' Afterwards this peace shall be disturbed by the beast [Communism] at the end of the nineteenth century or, at the latest, at the commencement of the twentieth.

"5.' In this [same] time the anti-Christ will be born...His father will be a bishop. He will perform false miracles and subsist only on vitiating faith. He will have his brethren who will be children of evil but not incarnate devils like himself. [Refers to one who has given himself over to the devil.] Soon they will be at the head of armies, supported by the legions of hell.

This might be interpreted as referring to the Islamic or Muslim cult which originated in the seventh century via the false prophet, Mohammed who, according to some sources, was at one time a bishop . It was in 1899, "the end of the nineteenth century", that the first jihad or "hoy war" was waged against Christian Ethiopians, Somalians and British. The jihad lasted until 1905 causing severe casualties and a great loss of life. This moment marked the beginning of a widespread violent and intense evangelization "by the sword" of Mohemmedans in the 20th and 21st century. Incidentally, as this was taking place in 1899, there was occuring in China a revolution against Christians and missionaries called the "Boxer Rebellion". On the heels of these anti-Christian persecutions, came the "Communist Revolution of 1917" in Russia! It should also be noted at this point, in order to underscore the abiding and protective love of Our Mother, that the "Communist Manifesto" was written in 1848 only two years after She appeared at La Salette.   

"6. About Enoch and Elias: ' They will suddenly appear on the earth full of the Spirit of God, when the Church becomes darkened and the world is in terrible agony. They will convert those of good will and comfort the oppressed Christians. With the help of the Holy Ghost, they will have great success against the heresies of the anti-Christ. But in the end they will be delivered unto death.

"7. 'A Protestant nation in the north shall be converted to the faith, and through the means of that nation, the others shall return to the holy Catholic Church. (Refers to Amsterdam; see section, "Lady of All Nations and La Salette".)

"8. 'Up ye children of light, and fight! For behold, the age of ages... the extremity is at hand! The Church passes into darkness. The world will be in a state of consternation, perplexity, and confusion.'"


The "Secret"

Melanie's Declaration

Melanie wrote the following with regard to what took place next. (Remember that these too, like Maximins', are not necessarily in the correct order and have been abridged. Please note, in addition, that some of these prophetic warnings refer only to events which would occur within the 19th century; others, however, seem to apply to the present period.)

"Then turning towards me the Most Holy Virgin spoke and gave me a secret in French. Here is this secret in its entirety as She gave it to me:

"Melanie what I am about to tell you now will not always be a secret...

"May the curate of My Son, Pope Pius IX , never leave Rome again after 1859; may he, however, be steadfast and noble, may he fight with the weapons of faith and love. I will be at his side. May he be on his guard against [Louis] Napoleon III: he is two-faced, and when he wishes to make himself Pope as well as Emperor, God will soon draw back from him (cf. Ps. 2:1-3). He is the master-mind who always wanting to ascend further, will fall on the sword he wished to use to force his people to be raised up.

This refers to the Franco-Prussian war which concluded with Napolean being deposed and a secular republic, the Reich of Kaiser Wilhelm I under the auspices of Otto von Bismarck, being installed in France. The result was devastating to the Papal States. Previous to all this, it should be noted that in 1858 Napolean had entered into a secret pact with the Italian Prime Minister, Cavour, which resulted in the 1871 annexation of the Papal States. The French had always protected the Holy See. For example, in 1848 Pope Pius IX fled from Rome during the first attempted coup by Garibaldi. The French  restored the Papal States in 1849. And once again in 1867, the French defeated the Italians who under Garibaldi attempted to overthrow the Papal States. It is obvious that during the mid-nineteenth century, there were plans to relinquish the Papal States. As we have seen this was finally successful in 1871. The warning of September 19, 1846 from Our Mother at La Salette was very critical not only for the Church and  the Papal States but also for the protection of Pope Pius IX's very life.

This pope, who incidentally was the first to travel to a foreign country (Chile) on another continent, did remain in Rome for the rest of his life, virtually as a prisoner; however, during the rest of his papacy he accomplished great works to the glory of God. These works were the dogma of Infallibility and the dogma of the Immaculate Conception and his encyclical "Quanta Cura" which condemned the nineteenth century ideologies. Through his continuous and forceful apostolic leadership, Pope Pius IX unceasingly aroused the ire of the world's atheistic political leaders ever more since it was obvious to them that the Catholic Church still wielded the sword of justice and maintained its God given power to reign and effectively influence the world in a positive manner! There is no doubt that Pope Pius IX was touched deeply and indeed comforted by the awareness of the presence and protection of Our Mother and Her direct message to him at La Salette, especially in light of those tumultuous times. To have such knowledge by the grace of God enabled the Church to be astute and to evaluate events with great wisdom and insight and to take the necessary protective measures.

"In the year 1865, there will be desecration of holy places...May those in charge of religious communities be on their guard against the people they must receive, for the devil will resort to all his evil tricks to introduce sinners into religious orders. They will put an end to faith little by little, even in those dedicated to God... several religious institutions will lose all faith and will lose many souls.

This did happen. Otto von Bismarck of the 'Second Reich' abolished religious orders or imprisoned members of religious orders. In an attempt to rid the world of Catholicism and the supremacy of the Catholic Church there were many who were martyred and persecuted because of this diabolical agenda. During this same period, in France, there were pagan rituals held inside Catholic Churches and on the altar of Notre Dame des Victoires there was even a pagan sacrifice offered. The times were heinous!

"Italy will be punished for her ambition in wanting to shake off the yoke of the Lord of Lords. And so she will be left to fight a war; blood will flow on all sides. Churches will be locked up or desecrated. Priests and religious order will be hunted down, and made to die a cruel death. Several will abandon the faith, and a great number of priests and members of religious orders will break away from the true religion; among these, there will even be bishops.

This would appear as a consequence of the unsuccessful coup of Garibaldi in 1867 and the annexation of 1870-71 and all the persecutions the Church suffered thereafter as a result.

"France, Italy, Spain and England will be at war.

From 1865 to 1905, these countries were indeed involved in wars of all kinds: from the Franco-Prussian war and the Crimean War to civil wars within their countries to colonial wars without.

"Blood will flow in the streets. Frenchman will fight Frenchman, Italian will fight Italian. A general war, [World War I], will follow which will be appalling. For a time God will cease to remember France and Italy because the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been forgotten. The wicked will make use of all their evil ways. Men will kill each other and massacre each other, even in their homes.

"At the first blow of His thundering sword, the mountains and all nature will tremble in terror, for the disorders and crimes of men have pierced the vault of the heavens. Paris will burn and Marseille will be engulfed...People will believe that all is lost. Nothing will be seen but murder; nothing will be heard but the clash of arms and blasphemy.

This occured in 1871 during what is referred to as the "French Civil War" which was brought about by insurrectionists of the Communist movement; at that time, they were commonly referred to as "The Reds" or the "Commune". One week, in particular, came to be known as the "Bloody Week" because thousands of Frenchmen were killed during this "civil war" and the blood literally ran through the streets. In addition, most of the official public buildings especially in the cities of Paris and Marseilles, as well as a few others, were either burned to the ground or suffered tremendous structural damage due to the fires. One can only imagine the sight of these cities burning; indeed, it is little wonder that "people believed all was lost"!

On July 18, 1830 Our Lady appeared to St. Catherine Laboure for the first time at the rue du Bac. During that apparition Our Lady wept copious tears while She foretold of horrific events. St. Catherine was told to "tell all" to her spiritual director. St. Catherine was also told that as a result she would be tormented and contradicted for such an ominous prophecy, especially that the monarchy under Charles X, whose motto was "For Throne and Altar", would fall. Our Lady stated: "The times are very evil. Sorrows will come upon France, the throne will be overturned...They will open up again the side of Our Lord...The streets will stream with blood." These prophetic events were realized nine days later. Following this event, Our Lady further foretold that "The whole world will be sadness". Catherine understood that this would occur in "forty years", roughly 1870-71. This "sadness" was in reference to the fact that under Louis Napolean there would be a continued downward spiral, morally, economically and politically which would result not only in bloodshed on March 18, 1871 due to the "people's revolt" or "Commune revolution" but also in the creation of the pernicious and wicked "Second Reich" of which we have already written. The latter part of Our Virgin's message to St. Catherine corresponds very much to what the children of La Salette were told.

The imminent plan to devolve all the nations of Europe into secular governments by eliminating the idea of "Divine Right" and eventually destroying all monarchs reigning under God as a grand scale agenda is quite obvious and underscored in both messages of these two apparitions! There is a rather observable correlation that must be made from all this: The more the Church declined in France either through the unfaithful clergy within it or because of the deliberate destruction from without, the more depraved, ambitious and atheistic the political and civil leaders became and the more sinful and corrupt their citizens became. This postulation holds true for all nations right up to the present time! No wonder Our Mother wept at the rue du Bac and at La Salette! No wonder She appeared at La Salette on the eve of the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows or that Her tears at Akita stopped flowing on that same exact feast day! Now perhaps we can understand why She also appeared at Fatima on October 13, 1917 as Our Lady of Sorrows!

"[A] peace among men will be short-lived. 

Since the end of the Franco-Prussian war these European nations were uneasy with each other, especially in light of the fact that Germany appeared to be an aggressive and ambitious nation. France was also bitter over Germany's annexation of Alsace-Lorraine. There was in fact a period peace; however it was an apprehensive and leery time which eventually erupted into World War I.

"A forerunner of the anti-Christ, with his troops gathered from several nations, will fight against the true Christ, the only Savior of the world. He will shed much blood and will want to annihilate the worship of God to make himself be looked upon as a God. (This could refer to Bismarck or Hitler.)

"The Vicar of My Son will suffer a great deal, because for a while the Church will yield to large persecution, a time of darkness and the Church will witness a frightful crisis. He will suffer a great deal. I will be with him until the end and receive his sacrifice. The mischievous would attempt his life several times to do harm and shorten his days. Neither he nor his successor will see the triumph of the Church of God.


Relevance for Then and Now

"...Woe to those dedicated to God who by their unfaithfulness are crucifying My Son again. (cf. Zech. 11:17; Eucharistic Message of 5/31/70: "They have reviled Me again. They have nailed Me to the Cross anew!"; and on  5/31/74, "Among you there are those who have betrayed Me again."; and this Eucharistic Message to the priests who have turned away from God, on 12/9/76, "Ahab, Ahab!")

"The sins of those dedicated to God cry out towards heaven and call for vengeance, and now vengeance is at their door, for there is no one left to beg mercy and forgiveness for the people...God will strike in an unprecedented way. (cf. Eucharistic Message of Our Lord on 5/31/1973: "You brood of vipers, woe to you!"; on 5/31/75, "Look. What have they done to My flock? Death and destruction! This is My last warning!")

"The chiefs, the leaders of the people of God, have neglected prayer and penance, and the devil has bedimmed their intelligence. They have become wandering stars which the old devil will drag along with his tail to make them perish. (cf. Eucharistic Message of 5/31/76 to the political leaders of various nations in reference to the Cross: "And that is what they have made of it. But, they have dug their own graves!")

"The society of man is on the eve of the most terrible scourges and of gravest events. Mankind must expect to be ruled with an iron rod and to drink from the chalice of the wrath of God (cf. Ps. 2:9).

"Evil books will be abundant on earth and the spirits of darkness will spread everywhere a universal slackening in all that concerns the service of God... There will be churches built to serve these spirits. On occasions, the dead and the righteous will be brought back to life. That is to say that these dead will take on the form [appearance] of righteous souls which had lived on earth, in order to lead men further astray; these so-called resurrected dead, who will be nothing but the devil in this form, will preach another gospel contrary to that of the true Christ Jesus...; these [are really] souls of the damned. All these souls will appear as if fixed to their bodies." (Another words they will appear as ordinary as any other being.)

According to Melanie Calvat "these bizzare occurrences may be attributed to certain spiritualistic and demoniac practices which no doubt will one day be brought to light through a thorough examination of the Luciferian archives of Free Masonry."

Strangely, today, and perhaps this was the also the case during Melanie Calvat's lifetime, there are those who are asserting just this, that they were dead and after a period of time, varying from a few hours to as long as three days, they were brought back to life - "resurrected"! As ghoulish and implausible as this sounds, these individuals are publicly bearing witness to this at lectures, conferences and on media broadcasts. Some are Catholics, and among them a Catholic T.V. evangelist! Either each is a hoax or as Melanie Calvat warned "these so called resurrected dead are nothing but the devil in this form"! These deceivers would have no speaking platform if Christians would only seek out Our Lord. God expects us to be wise and prudent and to arm ourselves with the knowledge of our Faith and "to remain rooted in its teaching" (2 Jn 9).

An excellent resource is the Catechism Of The Catholic Church which clearly states: "In that 'departure' which is death the soul is separated from the body. It will be reunited with the body on the day of resurrection of the dead (#1106)...We shall not return to other earthly lives: 'It is appointed for men to die once' (Heb 9:27); there shall be no 'reincarnation' after death" (#1013)! Just as Jesus died once, so shall we die once! It should be mentioned here that these "so called" dead claim that their souls were raised up to God whereupon they were either "instructed" or "understood" some revelation or were given some "mission"; in addition, some of these folks also intimate that this experience of being "reincarnated" or entering back into their bodies was God's merciful act of a second chance! Go figure! First of all there is no second chance; the mercy of God is upon us now! This life is it; we'd better make the best of it before we stand before the Just Judge! "In death...the human body decays and the soul goes to meet God, while awaiting reunion with its glorified [and imperishable] body" (CCC #997; 1Cor 15:53). Secondly, it is clear that these liars are "preaching another gospel contrary to that of Jesus Christ"! And finally, for those who argue the point by saying that Lazarus was brought back to life, who can say that his soul left his body?! Besides, Christ, Whom we all must imitate, had not yet "died once and for all"; so how is that the events pertaining to Lazarus' resurrection, before Christ death, should be used legitimately to justify all those "signs and wonders of the so call resurrected" which contradict the gospel now?!

If these impostors are in bodies which died once, then in reality, if this be the case,  they are dead now and who you see before you is not of the living but rather "the devil in this form". As Our Lord said: "God is not the God of the dead but of the living. All are alive for him" (Lk 20:38)! One would have to ask for whom are these "so called resurrected dead" alive?

Dear readers, ask yourselves this question: Why is all this being done? Is it not as, Our Lady of La Salette warned, "to lead men further astray"? A word of advice, stay away from such people! As St. John says "do not even greet him" (2 Jn10)!

"May the Pope be on guard against the performers of miracles. For the time has come when the most astonishing wonders will take place on the earth and in the air. Everywhere there will be extraordinary wonders as true faith has faded and false light brightens people.

"Woe to the Princes of the Church [bishops] who think only of piling riches upon riches to protect their authority and dominate with pride.

"The true faith of the Lord having been forgotten, each indiviual will want to be on his own and be superior to people of the same identity; they will abolish civil rights as well as ecclesiastical; all order and all justice would be trampled underfoot and only homicides, hate, jealousy, lies, and dissension would be seen without love for country or family.

"All the civil governments will have one and the same plan, which will be to abolish and do away with every religious principal, to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism and vice of all kinds.

"Nature is asking for vengeance because of man, and she trembles with dread at what must happen to the earth stained with crime [re: violence and bloodshed by persecutors of the Church]. Tremble, earth, and you who proclaim yourselves as serving Jesus Christ and who, on the inside, only adore yourselves, tremble for God will have you over to His enemy, because the holy places are in a state of corruption...(cf. Ps 82:1-8)

This seems to refer to the agenda of those secular leaders   who appear to be Christians but who have served themselves and have deliberately sought to destroy the Church from within.

"It will be during this time that the anti-Christ will be born...He will have brothers who...will be children of evil...They will draw attention upon themselves by victories they will have won; soon they will each lead armies, aided by the legions of hell.

"The earth will be struck by calamities of all kinds; plague and famine will be widespread. There will be a series of wars until the last war, which will be fought by the ten kings of the anti-Christ, all of whom will have one and the same plan and will be the only rulers of the world. Before this comes to pass, there will be a kind of false peace in the world. People will think of nothing but amusement. The wicked will give themselves over to all kinds of sin. But the children of the Holy Church, the children of My faith, My true followers, they will grow in their love for God and in all the virtues most precious to Me. Blessed are the souls humbly guided by the Holy Spirit! I shall fight at their side untill they reach a fullness of years.

"The seasons will be altered, the earth will produce nothing but bad fruit...Water and fire will give the earth's globe convulsions...

"Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the anti-Christ.

This does not refer St. Peter's, nor to the Holy Father and those loyal followers of the One, True Church! Rather this refers to those who break away from or who have always opposed the One True Church. This could refer to the fact that Rome would no longer be  a Papal State at that time or it could refer to the fact that in these times there are those who according to the messages of Our Lady at Amsterdam "hope to build a center as great as St. Peter's".

"The demons of the air together with the anti-Christ will perform great wonders on earth and in the atmosphere, and men will become more and more perverted.

"The Church will be in eclipse, the world will be in dismay. But now Enoch and Eli will come, filled with the spirit of God. They will preach with the might of God, and men of good will will believe in God, and many souls will be comforted. They will make great steps forward through the virtue of the Holy Spirit and will condemn the devilish lapses of the anti-Christ. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! There will be bloody wars and famines, plagues and infectious diseases. It will rain with a fearful hail of animals [i.e. locusts plagues; cf. Dt 7:15,20; Ex 7:8:9:10 etc.]...Enoch and Eli will be put to death. Pagan Rome will disappear. The fire of Heaven will fall... All the universe will be struck with terror and many will let themselves be led astray because they have not worshipped the true Christ Who lives among them [Our Lord's True Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist].

"The righteous will suffer greatly. Their prayers, their penances and their tears will rise up to heaven and all of God's people will beg for forgiveness and mercy and will plead for My help and intercession...Peace will be made and man will be reconciled with God. Jesus Christ will be served, worshipped and glorified. Charity will flourish everywhere. The new kings will be the right arm of the Holy Church, which will be strong, humble, pious in it's poor but fervent imitation of the virtues of Jesus Christ.

It is our belief that this infers that there will be monarchs who will rule again under God as it was under Charlemagne in the "Thousand Year Reich" of the Holy Roman Empire. We refer you to two interesting psalms which point to this fact: Ps. 2 and Ps. 47. Thus, shall God reign over the nations and the rulers of the earth. Perhaps the significance of Our Lady's last apparitions on earth at Amsterdam can now be understood with great understanding and clarity for it is only "through the Lady of All Nations to the Lord of All Nations" that all this shall be accomplished (cf. 5/31/1958.)

"Mankind will make great progress in it's faith, for there will be unity among the workers of Jesus Christ and man will live in fear of God...The Gospel will be preached everywhere, and all nations will know the truth. (cf. Mt 24:14, "This good news [gospel] of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the world as a witness to all nations.")


"I make an urgent appeal to the earth. I call on the true disciples of the living God who reigns in Heaven; I call on the true followers of Christ made Man, the only Savior; I call on My children the true faithful, those who have given themselves to Me so that I may lead them to My Son...the faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who have lived in scorn for the world and for themselves, in poverty and in humility, in scorn and in silence, in prayer and in morification, in chastity and in union with God, in suffering, and unknown to the world.

"It is time they came out and filled the world with light. Go and reveal yourselves to be my cherished children. I am at your side and within you, provided that your faith is the Light which shines upon you in these unhappy days. May your zeal make you famished for the glory and the honor of Jesus Christ. Fight children of Light, you, the few who can see. For now is the time of all times.

"Now is the time; the abyss is opening. Here is the king of kings of darkness, here is the Beast with his subjects, calling himself the savior of the world. He will rise proudly into the air to go to heaven. He will be smothered by the breath of the Archangel Saint Michael. He will fall, and the earth...will open up its fiery bowels; and he will have plunged with all his followers into the everlasting chasms of hell. And then water and fire will purge the earth and consume all the works of mens's pride and all will be renewed. God will be served and glorified."  (cf. Rev. 20:1-3, "Then I saw the angel come down from heaven, holding the key to the abyss and a huge chain in his hand. He seized the dragon, the ancient serpent, who is the devil or Satan...[and] hurled him into the abyss..."]

The principal message ends here. Melanie then recounts that the Virgin gave to her the rule of a new religious order. This new order was to be an apostolate to combat the sins of modern society by reaching out to souls, the lay faithful, evangelizing and ministering to them. This was similar to St. Louis de Montfort's vision of a lay apostolate and St. Dominic's Lay Militia which was to be actualized under the auspices of their religious orders. As a matter of fact, Melanie Calvat became a Third Order Dominican later in life as did Ida Peerdeman of Amsterdam. St. Louis de Montfort was also a Third Order Dominican in addition to being a religious!

Melanie's account continues. The Virgin says to both children:

"If they convert, the stones and rocks will change into wheat, and potatoes will be found sown in the earth (cf. Ps 81:14-17).

Do you say your prayers properly, My children?"

This was referring to formal prayers. Both children replied, " Oh! no, Madame, not so much."

"Oh! My children, you must say them morning and evening. You must say at least an Our Father and a Hail Mary; when you can do better you must say more. (Neither Melanie nor Maximin knew how to say the rosary at the time.)                           

"Only a few old women go to Mass. In the summer, the rest work all day Sunday and in the winter, when they are at a loose end, they ony go to Mass to make fun of religion. During Lent, they go to the butcher's like hungry dogs.

"Have you ever seen any spoilt wheat, My children?

We both answered: " Oh no Madame."

The Holy Virgin turned to Maximin saying:

"But you, My child, you must have seen some once near le Coin," with your father. The farmer said to your father: 'come and see how my wheat's gone bad!' You went to see. Your father took two or three ears in his hand, rubbed them, and they fell to dust. then on your way back, when you were no more than a half hour from Corps, your father gave you a piece of bread, and said: ' Take it, eat it while you can my son, for I don't know who will be eating anything next year if the wheat is spoiled like that.' "

Maximin replied: "Its quite true Madame, I didn't remember."

The Most Holy Virgin brought her speech to an end.

"And so My children, you will make this known to all my people."

Having completed Her message, Our Lady crossed over a stream called Des Hommes. Literally, this name means "The Stream of Men". It is a rather curious and ironic name in light of Our Lady's message. Surely, if one considers the fact that Our Lady could have appeared anywhere, She had absolutely no need of "crossing over the Stream of Men" unless it was a symbolic gesture meant to point directly to the theme of Her message. Could this act be interpreted as a question such as which side shall you be on, the side of God or the side of man? Does not the name of this stream in a rather unusual way point to the "works of men" as opposed to the "works of God"? Is not the "crossing over of the stream" a choice that Our Lady is asking us to make? Moreover, does not this "crossing over" remind us of Moses' exhortation to take heed and be faithful to God, just before the Jews were to "cross over the Jordan and take possession of that good land". Moses who had angered God could not "cross over" and was prohibited from seeing the promised land. Therefore, it is also clear from the example of Our Lady that if we choose to honor and love God then we, too, shall "cross over" to the Promised Land or else as Moses warned we shall suffer the consequences "for the Lord, Our God, is a consuming fire, a jealous God" (Dt 4:24)!

Then, She repeated to the children,

"And so My children, you will pass this on to all my people."

The Virgin then looked at the children and began to rise. She paused for a second and looked toward heaven and then toward the earth, to the right and to the left, and then at the children again. She then began to rise again toward the right until the light disappeared.

When the children returned to the village, Maximin was the first to tell his masters what had happened; then Melanie's employers questioned her after hearing the story from Maximin's masters. All believed it to be true. The next day on Sunday, September 20, the children informed the parish priest, who also readily believed their account. Maximin returned home to his father in Corps. Melanie remained working in La Salette until All Saints day. Both Maximin and Melanie lived arduous lives before as shepherds; but their lives were even more difficult and trying after September 19, 1846. They were both holy and courageous souls who were never to find a true respite on this earth. Truly, they carried the cross like so many saints before them who had received visitations and messages and who were also persecuted for "passing these on". Maximin eventually died at the early age of 39, being worn out. Not highly educated, like so many other cow herders and shepherds, he went from one job to another; he even tried to become a priest but this was not his vocation. He remained fervently in love with Our Lord and Our Lady. Until the day he died, he proclaimed the message of La Salette to whomever he met.

As for Melanie, it was learned that the apparition of Our Lady on September 19, 1846     was the culmination of a deeply spiritual childhood united in intimate closeness with Our Savior. Indeed, as was revealed during various inquisitions, she had been blessed prior to this with holy mystical experiences while simultaneously living a most austere and pathetic life. Despite the severe circumstances of her childhood, which at times seem devoid of any parental love, she was not given over to malice or to jealousy of another's good fortune. Although by nature Melanie was reserved, she was also a sweet and hardworking child whose heart was filled with great affection for God and Our Lady. In certain ways, Melanie was mature and reflective beyond her years; many were the hours she spent in meditation of God as a child. Incredibly, even as a child she was spiritually disciplined enough to make a great many sacrifices or to make use of those hardships which came her way for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. Indeed, others not understanding this thought that she was not mindful of herself. (This self discipline at such an early age probably served her well in the trials she would eventually face as an adult.) This humble and often mistreated child seem to live her life in total consecration to Our Lord and Our Lady.   

In later years, Melanie Calvat was relentlessly oppressed and tormented by enemies of the Church yet she never wavered in her faith and she remained loyally a most loving soul of God and neighbor despite this! To this very day there is still much resentment towards her, for the message of La Salette was unlike any others up until that time in that it unequivocally unveiled the sins of the unfaithful or apostate shepherds, priests and bishops, and exposed the secular agenda of the political leaders from that day to the very present! Ostensibly, Melanie was (and still is, posthumously) ostracized more so and most vociferously and vocally by apostate priests not because they felt guilty or ashamed for their "consciences were seared" (cf. St. Paul) but rather because like the Pharisees their vanity had been offended publicly and their sins had been revealed for all to see. For Melanie though, her focus remained steadfast and no amount of bullying from the pulpit or elsewhere would ever intimidate her or impede her from "passing on the message" as she was asked to do! Melanie was the proverbial "thorn in their flesh", in a good sense and rightfully so, for she was God's instrument doing His will standing up for the Faith and zealously fighting for it! (The reader should understand clearly that in France, from the time of the Revolution and all through the 19th century, there was a great effort to infiltrate the Catholic Church with those who were not truly dedicated to the priesthood. But those most loving and uncompromising priests who remained loyal to the Church in 1846 the message of La Salette was a moment to rejoice over.)

Hopefully, the example that Melanie has set will lead others to remain steadfast in their faith and not to waver despite efforts by apostate priests and bishops to induce them to become either faithless or hopeless! For Melanie this was a lifelong battle; God doesn't expect any less from us either whether we are the few lay faithful or the few  faithful apostles still serving Our Lord. This is what we were born for and we must all stand firm! And by the way, this is exactly what Our Lady meant when She said, not just to Melanie but to all of us, at La Salette: "Go out and reveal yourselves to be My cherished children...Fight, children of the Light,...the few who can see!" For it is the few who will make the difference to many, many souls by setting an example like Melanie. It is the individual who stands out and through whom others will follow. Our destination is clear and Our Mother is at our side and our hope is in the name of the Lord! "Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you falsely because of Me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven" (Mt.5:12)!

Clearly, at La Salette the picture of a very determined and calculated plan to undermine and destroy the Church was laid before us like a roadmap of the serious times to come. The idea of a "one world government" under the "ten kings...along with the beast" who will possess this authority (Rev 17:12-14) was being actively and aggressively pursued by the world leaders at that time in 1846 and thus the reasons for the attacks on the Church which continue to this day. It is our opinion that the seeds for this revolution against the Church and God were overtly planted back in the 16th century, when Luther introduced Protestant Reformation along with a few monarchs who, motivated by greed, were looking to unhinge themselves from the Holy Roman Empire. This was followed by the so called "French Revolution" which incurred more untold harm to souls and rapidly degenerated the society, also. These foul schemes laid the groundwork for what would be fomenting in the minds of every atheistic political leader by the 19th century, being consummated now in the present time or in the near future! None of this should be shocking however since it has always been the game plan of Satan. Recall the words with which the devil tempted Eve: "No, God knows well that the moment you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods who know" (Gn 3:5)! Hence, the great deception that man could depose the Lord of All Nations and attain His power and glory! Of course, this is a deliberate transgression against the First Commandment: "I am the Lord Thy God and thou shalt not have strange gods before Me!" How preposterous and yet that is exactly what is going on not only by the leaders of nations but also by apostate princes of the Church who have the same dream! All this sounds fairly formidable but really as we know the Victory has already been won. For us it is just a matter of which side of the "stream" we choose to be on.

There is no doubt either that those who mock God and seek to make a fool of Him (cf. Gal 6:7) ) will neither have a kingdom here in this world nor will they reign in the next either; they " will only reap what they sow" (Gal 6:8). Furthermore, "their opposition foreshadows their downfall" (Phil 1:2)! However, it should be stressed that those who choose for God must work diligently for as the Lady of All Nations said: "The enemy has been working long and hard." We must do as Our Lady ask us: honor and respect the Holy Name of God, keep the Lord's day holy, attend mass frequently where the Lord of All Nations is truly present. We must make the cross the center of our lives making loving sacrifices. We must pass Our Mother's messages on!

We must never forget who Our Lady of La Salette is. She is Our Mother, the Mother of All Nations, the Queen who shall "foil the enemy" (Jth 16:6) and who shall lead the nations to Her Lord!  Truly, the message of La Salette and the prophetic warnings are just as important and revealing as are those which began and end this Marian era! As a matter of fact, La Salette manifestly demonstrates that "Nothing is concealed from God; all lies bare and exposed to the eyes of Him to Whom we must render an account" (Heb 4:13)! It also highlights the importance of each nation as being a part of the family of God and hence is to be ruled under God! Each of us is to pray for our nation as Melanie did for hers. Our nations are given to us but that means we, as citizens, are also responsible for them! Let us pray as family members of our individual nations asking God to have mercy on us and to convert us, for are we not at this very moment living through the revolt of nations against God? As we have seen at La Salette, God rebukes nations which scorn Him and certainly today we are far worse off than 155 years ago! We firmly believe that we are at a point at which "God will strike in an unprecedented way"! But we also believe that as God was pleased with Daniel "from the moment he began his prayer" (Dn 9:23) with great humility and repentance, so will God hear us and be moved by our prayers because of His love for us. So please, with great humility and a spirit of repentance, say the prayer of the Lady of All Nations for your family, your nation!

Always Our Mother's main concern is for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. Despite this and despite official approval,  the message of La Salette has been ignored from the pulpit to the great misfortune of the faithful. (Sadly and in direct disobedience to the Church, the opposite is true for those condemned apparitions like that of Medjugorje!) The Lord God did not send His very own Mother to La Salette with a message in order that it might be ignored. One does not light a lamp so that it may be placed under a bushel basket (cf. Lk 11:33)! However, this has in effect been done! In light of the world agenda and apostasy which has plagued the Church, it is easy to see why!


"Understand, then, that the Lord, your God, is God indeed, the faithful God Who keeps His Merciful Covenant down to the thousandth generation toward those who love Him and keep His commandments, but Who repays with destruction the person who hates Him. He does not dally with such a one, but makes him personally pay for it. You shall therefore carefully observe the commandments, the statutes and the decrees which I enjoin on you today" (Deuteronomy 7:10-11)!

"Scripture has it, 'Not on bread alone shall man live'...'You shall do homage to the Lord your God, Him alone shall you adore'...'You shall not put the Lord your God to the test' " (Luke 4:4,8,12)!



Post Script:

The Missionaries of La Salette are not connected in any way with the rule of the religious order that Melanie Calvat was given by Our Lady. That order was originally organized through  recruitment of the local parish clergy by the local bishop in order to facilitate the building of the Shrine and take care of devotions and pilgrimages which  were steadily growing since 1846. Although this order goes by the name of the Missionaries of La Salette, they were not and still are not the apostolate chosen and intended to spread Our Mother's messages. This is not say that they may not be good and holy but it is to emphasize that they have not replaced nor in any way should they be considered a substitution for the original rule nor are they to be determined as proponents or caretakers of the message of La Salette. Furthermore, contrary to the claims of some unorthodox and non- Catholic religious, schismatics, there exists no order or apostolate within the holy Catholic Church which has been formed according to the rule as it was passed on to Melanie Calvat by Our Lady!

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