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1) "The Victory is Ours" (August 15, 1950). The Lady of All Nations will save the world by means of the prayer and the dogma. On May 10, 1953, She says: "I repeat this promise." On October 7, 1978 Our Lord said: "This is the victory of Her whom I have sent. Be comforted, My people, I am with you all." "Don't be distressed, see what will happen. The force of 'the Prayer' will have its effect" (December 8, 1977).


2) "...The Spirit is to descend upon the world" (March 4, 1951).


3) "Truth will always triumph" (December 10, 1950)."...Joy will follow." Ida, the seer, then sees "bright rays; afterwards, large buildings, churches [and] more and more churches [forming] one, big Community" (August 29, 1945).


4) "Go and with great ardour and zeal set about this work of redemption and peace and you will see the miracle" (April 1, 1951).


5) "Listen, mankind. You will preserve peace if you believe in Him" (April 21, 1945).


6) "England will find her way back to Me. So will America" (July 29, 1945). "Japan will be converted" (February 14, 1950). "...To the Eastern and Asiatic peoples, whether they know the Son or not: We are concerned for them" (February 11, 1951). All nations throughout the world have the attention and the blessings of protection by Our Mother as noted throughout the messages. On December 16, 1949, Our Mother "extends a hand in protection above the dome" of St. Peter's. The world will be converted and the Catholic Church will truly be the Universal Church!


7) "This time is Our time" (April 15, 1951).


8) "The Lady smiles to Herself and seems to gaze into the far distance [and then says:] 'but the outcome is already assured'" (April 29, 1951).


9) "...The world will be saved by the Spirit" (April 29, 1951). "He, the COMFORTER and HELPER will come" (May 31, 1958).


10) "I promise to help all who are in spiritual and bodily distress, if they carry out My will, the Will of the Father" (May 31, 1955).


11) "The Sacrifice stands and will stand at the center of this world, in this era" (August 15, 1951).


12) "To the countries that have rejected me, I shall return as 'the Lady of All Nations,' standing on the globe in front of the Cross, with the flock of Christ around Me. This is how I wish to and will come" (September 20, 1951).


13) "I shall listen to the requests of those who call upon me under the title of 'the Lady of All Nations' as the Son desires it" (September 20, 1951).


14) "In Russia a great change will come about - after much conflict" (December 31, 1951).


15) "China will turn to the Mother Church - after much conflict" (December 31, 1951).


16) "The sign of 'the Lady of All Nations' will later be seen over the whole world. Let them understand this well! Sham powers will fall" (February 17, 1952).


17) "'The Lady of All Nations' has been sent especially at the present time in order to overcome the spiritual decline and degeneration...This is the time of the Spirit. The fight is hard and bitter, but the True Spirit will triumph, provided that all of you join in the cause" (October 5, 1952).


18) "I shall bestow great graces under this title" (December 8, 1952).


19) "'The Lady of All Nations' promises to grant true peace to all nations. But the nations, together with the Church - understand well - together with the Church will have to say My prayer in that year" (March 20, 1953).


20) "I shall help the Church of Rome - the Community. The nations should call on Me under this title" (October 11, 1953). Through the Lady of All Nations we shall see the restoration, the renewal, the "re-blossoming" of the Church. On May 31, 1976 Ida witnesses the rebuilding of the Church in a dream: "Oh! Now it has become a brand new Church." On May 31, 1977, Our Lord said: "There is a great event in store for the Church!" And on March 25, 1980, Our Lord said: "The Church, the Community that you are watching now, will return and flourish again."


21) "The powers of hell will break loose. But they will not prevail against 'the Lady of All Nations'" (December 3, 1953).


22) "Later, I shall give more signs, when My words shall cease. I shall come back and speak to the nations. All this had to come first" (April 4, 1954).


23) "...Let them come with all their needs - spiritual and bodily alike - the Lady is here, in readiness. She will bring them back and will help them...I shall return on May 31" (April 4, 1954).


24) "The Lady remained with Her apostles until the Spirit came. In the same way, the Lady will come to Her apostles and all the nations, in order to bring them the Holy Spirit anew. Because---the Holy Spirit of Truth must always be invoked before great decisions" (May 31, 1954).


25) "The Lord Jesus Christ has yet one more favour to grant to the world which is: The Word [ through], the voice of His Mother, 'the Lady of All Nations'" (May 31, 1954). Refer to Revelations 19:13-15: "He is clad in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which He is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, followed Him on white horses. From His mouth issues a sharp sword with which to smite the nations, and He will rule them with a rod of iron; He will tread the wine press of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On His robe and on His thigh He has a name inscribed, King of kings, and Lord of lords."


26) "My prophecy, 'From henceforth all generations shall call Me blessed,' will be fulfilled more than ever before, once the dogma has been proclaimed" (May 31, 1954).


27) "When the dogma, the last dogma in Marian history, has been proclaimed, 'the Lady of All Nations' will give peace, true peace to the world" (May 31, 1954).


28) "You, nations of this era, do realize that you are under the protection of 'the Lady of All Nations;' call upon Her as the Advocate; ask Her to stave off all disasters; ask Her to banish degeneration from this world" (May 31, 1955).


29) "You, members of the Church of Rome, appreciate your great, your own great happiness. Realize what it means to belong to the Church of Rome!...[My] mission is to establish unity among ...nations. 'She' is sent to make one great Community of Her nations" (May 31, 1955). Refers to the universality of the Catholic Church; the conversion of the world.


30) "Indeed, I tell you, the Lord Jesus Christ has sent 'the Lady of All Nations' here because of the promise" (May 31, 1956). This refers to the fact that May 31 is the Coronation Day which brings the great graces for the Victory of Her Immaculate Heart. As She has said, as the Lady of All Nations:"The Victory is Ours;" and, at Fatima : "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will be Victorious!"


31) Ida has a vision of what appears to be the next one or two popes. On January 6, 1980 she sees: "Two bishops...[and] over their heads I discerned the Roman Numeral VI."


32) Referring to the Eucharistic reign of Jesus: "This is how the Lord wants to come among you, day after day. Do accept it. Do act on it. He gives you the foretaste, - the foretastes of eternal life. This, nations, is what the Lady, the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate wanted to tell you..."(May 31, 1957).



Ida talking: "Then I had suddenly to look at Her head and I saw that She wore a crown. That I had never seen before...It sparkled with light all around, more brilliantly than the rarest diamonds. The Lady Herself was one blaze of light...It was heavenly, glorious!...Suddenly, the Lady had gone...Then the scene suddenly changed and all of it became a brilliant, dazzling Sacred Host. It shone so brightly that I shaded my eyes...The Host seemed to be made of white fire...Then all of a sudden, the Host seemed to burst open, and exposed to my view was a figure, soaring in midair, a Person, exceedingly mighty and strong...I can not convey the strength and majesty this Person embodied, it was too overwhelming!...I saw One Person...And, yet, there are Two...All at once, there came from the Two, an indescribable light and in it I saw, breaking out from the centre...a Dove! It shot like an arrow down to the earth, unspeakably bright; and I covered my eyes again...yet, I was forced to keep them open. What splendour, what magnificence; the soaring figure, majestic, powerful, grand; and the world now all bathed in light from the radiant Dove! And a voice rang out, 'He who eats and drinks Me receives life eternal and the Spirit of Truth'!" (May 31, 1959).


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