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In November and December of 1950, Mary presented Herself under a new title as 'The Lady of All Nations.' Again on February 11, 1951, She declared: "I am the Lady - Mary - Mother of All Nations." She said: "You may say, 'The Lady of All Nations' or 'Mother of All Nations.'"


Why has Our Mother come under this new title? Because God wants Mary to be recognized as the Mother of all His children. He is asking us to look closely at who Our Mother is. He is asking: Do you really know who your Mother is? In 1846 Our Lady had also appeared to a young girl, Melanie Calvat, in La Salette, France. When Melanie was asked why Our Mother was crying, she said it was because Her own children do not know Her! Imagine doing all you can for your children and they do not even recognize you? Is this not heartbreaking pain? When we do truly recognize Our Mother, Her Immaculate Heart will be consoled, and we will begin to understand how great God's love is for us in giving us the most perfect, loving Mother!


Defining Mary Under the New Title and Dogma of the

Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate:

Role Model of Motherhood and Christianity


The messages of Amsterdam are the keystone to all other Marian apparitions. For the first time in the history of Marian apparitions Our Mother is requesting a final Marian dogma conjoined with a new title! "The forthcoming dogma is the last Marian dogma, namely 'The Lady of All Nations' as the 'Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate' " (April 6,1952). "Now the moment has arrived, when you should speak of Mary as the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate, under the title of 'Lady of All Nations' " (May 10, 1953). This final dogma, three concepts in one, under Mary's new title was reserved for this time. With its proclamation comes the era of peace! (cf. Rev 20:1-6).


The dogma of the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate is the definition of our Mother, the Lady of All Nations. (A dogma is a divine truth officially decreed under the infallibility of the Pope as a basic tenet of the faith. Decreeing a dogma serves two purposes. 1) It highlights the divine origin of the Church. 2) It enlightens the faithful. Once a dogma has been proclaimed the faithful must adhere to it and accept it 'under pains of sin.') In simple terms the fifth and last dogma defines the role of the most perfect Mother. This one dogma containing three concepts is synonymous with the title, "Mother of All Nations". In other words, to say Mary is Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate is to say She is Mother. But to call Mary The Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate is to not only equate Her with Motherhood but to acclaim Her as The  Most Perfect and Only Mother of All! To put it another way: to recognize Mary as Mother then one must recognize the innate qualities of being a mother which are being a coredemptrix, mediatrix and advocate. In the case of Mary, She is the Woman of Scripture, the Mother par excellence - above all others and for all of God's children, God's people: Mother of All Nations! Thus, She The Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, is the Mother in the most superlative and finest degree! And, as the Mother, She is not only the most perfect role model of motherhood but also of a Christian!


To attribute any less than these three concepts at one time to Mary is to negate Her role as truly being a mother. To say anything less of Mary would be analogous to one who carries only half of a photograph in his wallet of his wife or child. To glance at such a distorted picture would not conjure in the mind the whole picture of who they are fully. With only half a picture such a person could not share with anyone the full beauty of his wife or child. With only a part of the picture such a person could not relate the attributes of his beloved. It is the same with Mary; without the whole picture of Our Mother we can not fully love and appreciate Her nor can we convey Her love and beauty to anyone else. As a matter of fact, it would be considered demeaning and insulting to carry only half of a picture of those whom we love. Would we not be ashamed to do such a thing; and would not people regard this as a sign of disrespect or possibly a lack of endearment? Therefore, with this same thought in mind, anyone who does not ascribe all three concepts to Mary then does not recognize Mary fully as a mother nor even understand what it means to be a true Christian. And, finally, if one does not recognize Mary as a mother then you can not recognize who She is as the Mother, the Woman of whom Jesus said: "Woman behold thy son; son behold thy Mother." (Jn 20:26,27)


"Son behold thy Mother!" This is exactly what God is asking us to do in the proclamation of the dogma. Behold Your Mother! To behold Our Mother is to love Her fully! To behold Our Mother is to give glory to God Who created Her! To behold Our Mother is to take Her into our hearts and to blossom with an even deeper love of God Who gave Her to us from the Cross!


In this world where so few know what true love is, it might be difficult to imagine or to understand Our Mother's love. But all children should know their Mother! All you have to do is ask and it will be given to you. Go to your Mother and ask to know Her love and to love Her. Say Her prayer and you will be given the grace. You will know Her love and God's love for you!


The Simple Definition of a Mother


A mother is a co-redemptrix, in the figuaritve sense of the word. She suffers with her child when he or she is sick; never resting, giving up sleep, and her own self to nurse her child back to health! The good mother lovingly sacrifices her time and all that she has, if necessary, to assure the well being of her child and without complaint. She, also, cooperates in every way possible with the grace of God, sharing or mediating those graces, the gifts God has given her, and using them on behalf of her child's physical body and soul! Is this not the definition of a mother who is a mediatrix? Finally, a mother is the advocate for her child. She is the child's staunch supporter, not just for a moment but for life. She is there whenever necessary: protecting, defending and pleading for him or her, whether it be on the playing fields of a soccer game or storming the gates of heaven with her prayers for her child.


This, then, is the composite picture of a good mother: one who suffers and sacrifices for the child; one who shares and gives all for the child; and one who pleads and prays for the child. Without these three simultaneous and ongoing actions, we could not define any mother as good; nor would the child recognize who he or she is in the eyes of God! For it is in a sense, that in the giving of the mother's love that the child receives life, God's life and love, and both become fulfilled. Since the day her child was born, the mother's life is truly a labor of love. So it is with Our Blessed Mother - "The Mother of All Nations: Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate!"


 Mary's Unique Role in Salvific History



The Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate


It is not hard for us to imagine the great love of some of the saints, especially those who ostensibly suffered on behalf of our salvation and to the greater glory of God. These saints reflected the love of God and exemplified the meaning of the term Communion of Saints! They found joy in their suffering and they "completed what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ for the sake of his body, that is the church" (Col 1:24). One might call to mind Padre Pio. His sufferings were visible because he bore the marks of Christ's wounds, the stigmata. Yet another person who understood the Truth, God's Love, would be that of the late seer, Ida Peerdeman! Perhaps Ida's sufferings were not quite so visible, but they were there, nonetheless, throughout her life. These saints understood that suffering and sacrifice on behalf of others is the greatest expression of Charity. Not all are called to suffer so dramatically; but the key phrase here is on behalf of others - being there for someone else. This self-sacrificing and self-effacing love has a redeeming quality and is exactly why Christ was born, lived among us and died on the Cross (cf. Phil 2:1-8). It is called brotherly love and with it comes true contentment, true joy, true peace,and the true meaning of life. Who better understood this message than Our Mother! Who better lived this message of Love than Our Mother! Her whole life here and in heaven is one loving sacrifice! This is why the Church proclaims Her Mother of the Church, Dearest of Mothers, Gate of Heaven, Comfort of the Troubled, Queen of all Saints, Queen of Apostles and Martyrs!


With this in mind it is not hard to comprehend that She too suffered the pains and wounds of Her Son's crucifixion, spiritually and physically! (cf. April 1, 1951, April 29, 1951 and May 31, 1951.) Yet, She is only a reflection of Her Son's love; He is The One Mediator, The Redeemer. As the moon is to the sun, so it is that Mary is to Her Son, Jesus, - a most perfect reflection of His love! As a matter of fact, Mary's suffering would have no value if Jesus had not died on the Cross first and redeemed us! And why would not She who loved and loves more perfectly than any other created being not suffer more than all others who have lived before Her or who have come after Her, except for Her Lord, Her Son, Jesus - Who is the God-Man! Does She not "now stand an oblation before the cross." Was not the suffering of Mary, Our Mother, spoken of at La Salette, Fatima, and Akita? How much have we really understood of that selfless and sacrificing love of Our Mother? Why else is She called the Queen of Martyrs! Would She, Our Mother, not accept every sacrifice on behalf of Her children whom She loves and for the glory of God! More than any other human being? She, the Immaculate Conception, understood LOVE! Within Her dwelt LOVE! Through Her by seed of the Holy Spirit's LOVE, LOVE was born: "The glory of an only Son coming from the Father, filled with enduring LOVE" (Jn 1:14).


How can Our Mother ask us to make the Cross the center of our world if She did not do the same here on earth and in heaven, too? Would not any good parent who truly loves their children continue to offer themselves in self-immolation if that's what it took to procure the salvation of their children's souls? "In the sufferings, both spiritual and bodily, the Lady, the Mother has shared" (April 29, 1951). "I have suffered with My Son, spiritually and above all - bodily" (April 1, 1951). On April 15, 1951, Ida Peerdeman was privileged to witness the immense suffering of Our Lady: "I see the Lady...writhing and then She begins to weep. Indescribable sorrow is written over Her face and the tears run down Her cheeks." In this dimension of Her suffering we begin to truly know Our Mother. Yet, when reflecting on Our Mother's continual sufferings does it not make you ponder how much Our Lord must have suffered with immeasurable pain, perfectly once and for all on that Cross?!


Does this not make you realize how much Mary, Our Mother, loves us and continues to love us no matter what - for we are Her children. What will She not do for Her children?! She is ever there for us, The Good Mother: suffering for us as Coredemptrix; giving us everything we need spiritually and bodily as Mediatrix; praying for us ceaselessly as Advocate! She is the most perfect and loving Mother whom God has given to us in love and who embodies perfectly the total composite of Love. Has She not given up Her only Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ so that we Her children may have life - eternal life; so that we may have His body and blood in the Most Holy Eucharist?!







On April 4, 1954, the Lady of All Nations said: "I am not bringing a new doctrine. I am now bringing old ideas." And on December 31, 1951: "I do not come to bring a new doctrine. The doctrine is already there!" But where? Finally, on October 5, 1952, the Lady says: "Make sure you understand your doctrine." But how? The answer is really quite simple and, so to speak, right under your nose! These "old ideas" of coredemption, mediation and advocacy are summed up in the gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ! That is why Our Mother says: "Make sure you understand your doctrine;" and, She follows that statement with these important and illuminating words: "Remember the First and Great Commandment - Love. That embraces everything." There it is "a simpler doctrine does not exist" (December 31, 1951). In light of what the Lady of All Nations tells us, let us review, once again, the meaning of each concept.


Co-redemption means to suffer with or to cooperate in sacrificing yourself on the behalf of someone else. This is an act of love. To give up one's self for another is indeed the noblest act of charity. It is a perfect expression of love. "If a man wishes to come after Me, he must deny his very self, take up his cross, and follow in My steps" (Mk 8:34).


Mediation is the act of benevolently sharing the gifts God has given to us with others or using those gifts on behalf of others. This is an act of love. Did not Jesus say "Go and sell what you have and give to the poor; you will then have treasure in heaven" (Mk 10:21)? Did He not, also, say in the gospel of Mark 4:24: "In the measure you give you shall receive, and more besides?" Did not Our Lord extol the virtues of the widow who "gave from her want" and the good Samaritan who ministered to a man who had fallen "prey to robbers?" In essence, the act of sharing or mediating is a most fulfilling and loving act. "Wherever your treasure lies, there will your heart be" (Lk 12:34).


Advocacy is a goodwill act of supporting someone either by speaking on their behalf, pleading for them or praying for them. This is an act of love. Did not the centurion advocate on behalf of his servant boy when he asked Jesus to cure him? Did not the sisters, Mary and Martha, send word to Jesus on behalf of their sick brother, Lazarus? Was not this, entreaty on behalf of their brother, an active petition or prayer to Jesus?


It is easy to see now that these three loving acts of coredemption, mediation and advocacy fulfill the "First and Great Commandment." In loving our neighbor, are we not doing will of God? Are we not imitating Our Lord Jesus Christ when we offer ourselves or make sacrifices on behalf of others? Are we not imitating Our Lord Jesus Christ when we extend ourselves by being there for someone else, loving them and sharing the gifts of His love with others? Are we not imitating Our Lord Jesus Christ by praying for others just as Jesus prayed to His Father for us "that all may be one" in Their love; that His Father's loving "Will be done here on earth" and that, basically, through imitating that love, being Christ-like, that our "unity may be complete" (Jn 17:21-23)? When we live a Christ-like life are we not humbly recognizing Our Creator to whom we owe the gift of our love? Jesus reminds us of this very fact when He said in the gospel of John 15:9-12: "As the Father has loved Me, so I have loved you. Live on in My love. You will live in My love if you keep the commandments, even as I have kept My Father's commandments, and live in His love."


So if we keep the "First and Great Commandment" (Mt 22:37-40), which is to love God and our neighbor, as the Lady of All Nations reminds us, then we are associating in or partaking in the acts of coredemption, mediation and advocacy. In short, we can complete "what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ" (Col 1:24) by our active participation in Christ's love as coredemptors, mediators and advocates! Through this giving of ourselves, freely, we "complete the unity" of His love with our love! This is why the Lady of All Nations said: "I am not bringing a new doctrine. I am now bringing old ideas." In John 7:16-17, Jesus said: "My doctrine is not My own; it comes from Him Who sent Me. Any man who chooses to do His Will will know about this doctrine!!" And the Lady of All Nations will help us to do His Will (June 15, 1952)!


Who better imitated Our Lord than His Mother, Mary? Was She not "the First among His sheep" to live on in His love? Is She not Our Mother, too, who has always set an example to lead us to Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ? Does She not continue this "labor of love," in imitation of Her Son, uninterrupted from heaven because in Her Most Perfectly created Heart, She could not do otherwise or else She would be denying Her Motherhood to Jesus and to all of God's children! As long as Her Son's Heart suffers from the outrages and offenses of men, She as a most loving Mother seeks to console Him as only a Mother could by "being there" for Him through Her cooperation as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. Truly a mother is a mother forever and in the case of Mary this Motherhood extends not just to Her Son but also to us, spanning the generations of all God's children. Her Motherhood did not come to an end when She was assumed into heaven body and soul rather it continued in the same manner out of love for all Her children and to the greatest glory of God. As a matter of fact, if Mary's salvific role had ended with Her Assumption, God's salvific plan would not have been perfect and we, Her children, would have been so to speak orphaned. As Our Lord said in the Eucharistic message of March 25, 1973: "The Lord also stood in need of His Mother in order to attain life"; so too do we stand in need of Our Mother. "A Church without a Mother is like a body without a soul" (May 31, 1965)!


So in the perfection of His plan, Her universal Motherhood never ceased and Her salvific role continues on behalf of all Her children and to the consolation of Her Son! This is the very reason why when all of us realize just who we have as a Mother "all generations shall call Her blessed" and the magnitude of God's love for us in creating and giving us such a loving Mother will be etched more deeply in our souls. Furthermore, it is through this Maternal love for Her children that "She shall crush the head of the serpent!" To appreciate the love of Our Mother we should reflect on the loving examples of Her life given to us in scripture: the Annunciation, the Visitation, the Wedding of Cana, and the Crucifixion! Did not Our Mother, Spouse of the Holy Spirit who gave us the Prince of Peace, live a life in the fullness of Christ's love which is His Gospel of Peace? Above all else, Our Mother desires that through Her example we would be drawn to Her Son's love and live in the fullness of Her Son's love. In so doing, we will have the peace and contentment we so yearn for and God will be truly loved and glorified. As Jesus said in John 15 verses 23, 26 and 27: "Anyone who loves Me will be true to My word, and My Father will love him; We will come to him and make Our dwelling place with him...the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit,...the Father will send in My name...My peace is My gift to you."


Will not Our Mother, the Lady of All Nations, once again, as She did in the "Upper Room" on Pentecost, usher in the era of peace through Her loving role as the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate?  What Our Mother and God are saying to us now is that we, too, must cooperate in this "One, Great Cause" by following Her example and holding up Her example to the world so that others, too, may understand and follow Her to Her Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember the words of Our Mother: "Do whatever He tells you" (Jn 2:5); "not Me, but the Cross" (December 16, 1949); "the Son demands obedience" (March 28, 1951)! Let us waste no more time and obediently follow the example of Our Mother to the Cross. May we, as Catholics, do God's will in proclaiming Her the "Lady of All Nations: Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate" in union with Pope John Paul II by signing the petition now and saying Her Prayer often and with great love, hope and conviction!







"It is certain that She suffered in the very depths of Her soul with His most bitter sufferings and His torments. It was before the eyes of Mary that the divine sacrifice for which She had borne and nurtured the Victim was to be finished. As we contemplate Him in the last and most piteous of these mysteries we see that 'there stood by the Cross of Jesus, Mary, His Mother,' who, in a miracle of love, so that She might receive us as Her Sons, offered generously to Divine Justice, Her own Son; and in Her heart died with Him, stabbed by the sword of sorrow" (Pope Leo XIII: Encyclical, Jucunda semper, September 8, 1894). Definition of the Co-redemptrix.


"According to the common teaching of the Doctors [of the Church] it was God's design that the Blessed Virgin Mary, apparently absent from the public life of Jesus, should assist Him when He was dying nailed to the Cross. Mary suffered and as it were nearly died with Her suffering Son; for the salvation of mankind She renounced Her mother's rights and, as far as it depended on Her, offered Her Son to placate Divine Justice; so we may well say that She with Christ redeemed mankind" (Pope Benedict XV: Letter, Inter sodalicia, May 22, 1918). Definition of the Co-redemptrix.


"The maternal office of Mediatrix really began at the very moment of Her consent to the Incarnation; it was manifested for the first time by the first sign of Christ's grace, at Cana in Galilee; from that moment it rapidly spread down through the ages with the growth of the Church" (Pope Pius XII: Apostolic Letter, Per Christi Matrem, May 15, 1947). Definition of the Mediatrix.


"It is right and proper to affirm that Mary, whom Jesus made His constant companion from the house of Nazareth to the place of Calvary, knew, as no other knew, the secrets of His Heart, distributes as by a mother's right the treasures of His merits, and is the surest help to the knowledge and love of Christ" (Pope Pius X: Encyclical, Ad Diem Illum, February 2, 1904). Definition of the Mediatrix.


"Our Advocate, placed between God and the sinner, takes it upon Herself to invoke clemency of the Judge so as to temper His justice, touch the heart of the sinner and overcome his obstinacy" (Pope Pius XII: Allocutiion, July 21, 1947). Definition of the Advocate.


"It has been allowed to the august Virgin to be the most powerful mediatrix and advocate of the whole world with Her divine Son" (Pope Pius X: Encyclical, Ad Diem Illum, February 2, 1904). Affirmation of Mary as the Mediatrix and Advocate.


"Trusting in Her intercession with Christ Our Lord, Who though sole Mediator between God and man, wished however to make His Mother the Advocate for sinners and the dispenser and Mediatrix of His grace..." ( Pope Pius XI: Encyclical, Miserentissimus Redemptor, May 8, 1928). Affirmation of Mary as the Mediatrix and Advocate.


"We invoke Her under the title of Co-Redemptrix. She gave us the Saviour; She accompanied Him in the work of redemption as far as the Cross itself, sharing with Him the sorrows and the agony and of the death in which Jesus consummated the redemption of mankind. And immediately beneath the Cross, at the last moments of His life, She was proclaimed, by the Redeemer, Our Mother, the Mother of the Whole Universe" (Pope Pius XI: Allocution, November 30, 1933)! Affirmation of the Universal Motherhood of Mary (Mother of All Nations)! Definition of Mary as the Co-redemptrix.





Curiously, the more you meditate on Mary, Our Mother, as the Lady of All Nations: Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate the more clear and illuminated the first four Marian dogmas become. These dogmas are: Theotokos (Mother of God); Perpetual Virginity; the Immaculate Conception; and the Assumption.


The first Marian dogma that Mary is the Mother of God was declared by the Church at the Council of Ephesus in the year 431 (cf. Lk 1:31-35, Lk 1:43 and Mt 1:21). This dogma emphasizes Jesus' conception through the seed or "overshadowing" of the Holy Spirit and that Mary's fully consented contribution to Her Son was in the flesh only. This clarifies any misconceptions as to the Divinity of Jesus and His relationship to His Mother Who is a created being. As the Lady of All Nations said on July 2, 1951: " To accomplish this, the Father used the Lady. Thus, from the Lady the Redeemer received only - I am stressing the word 'only' - flesh and blood, that is to say, the body. From My Lord and Master the Redeemer received His divinity."


The next dogma that of Mary's Perpetual Virginity attests to the fact that Jesus, Our Lord, was born of a Virgin (cf. Is 7:14, Lk 1:34, Lk 1:27). This was declared at the Council of the Lateran in the year 649. In addition, this Council proclaimed that Mary remained "ever-Virgin." This dogma, also, highlights the fact that Mary is the eternal Spouse of the Holy Spirit and the New Eve. The second dogma underscores the fact that Mary is the "ever-Virgin" Mother of God, thus accentuating Her spiritual Motherhood over the Church. In 1854, Pope Pius IX stated in the dogma of the Immaculate Conception that Mary was preserved from the stain of original sin from the moment of Her conception by the redemptive merits of Her Son, Jesus Christ (cf. Lk 1:28, Col 1:15-20, Eph 1:3,9,10, Eph 2:22). This dogma draws attention to God the Father's merciful plan of salvation and Mary's salvific vocation as the Ark of the New Covenant.


This brings us to the fourth Marian dogma of the Assumption which Pope Pius XII proclaimed November 1, 1950. Basically, this dogma asserts that Mary who cooperated in the work of redemption more fully than any other created being also participated in Her Son's Resurrection by being raised up into heaven both body and soul after Her death. (It does not deny Her death for that was also part of Her co-redemptive role. Cf. Eph 1:14, Eph 2:6, 1Cor 15:42-57.)  Pope Pius XII eloquently acclaimed that Mary, the heavenly Queen "exalted by the Lord," Who was created by God the Father, preserved from sin and Who remained sinless and pure as the Mother of Our Lord and Spouse of the Holy Spirit, continues Her work of Motherhood, [Coredemption, Mediation and Advocacy], in heaven for the glory of God and on behalf of us all "without interruption." The Assumption reaffirms our belief in the Resurrected Christ while reminding us that by following Mary, the "New Eve", we shall follow Her to the New Life in Christ not just here on earth but eternally in heaven, also!


Since February 11, 1951, three months after the dogma of the Assumption was proclaimed, God has been asking us, through the Lady of All Nations, for a new and final Marian dogma for His glory and the honor of Our most loving Mother! The first four dogmas basically define Mary's relationship to God; the fifth dogma defines Mary's relationship to us. The first Marian dogma is the dogma of God's Mother, or the Mother of God; the last Marian dogma is the dogma of Our Mother, the Mother of All Nations! The first four dogmas had to be proclaimed first. Without them we could not have defined the upcoming final and great dogma of Mary, Our Mother! We should take time and reflect on each of these Marian dogmas. We should meditate on each one of them; for they are the definitions of Who Our Mother is. Then we will see clearly the whole picture of Our Mother. And the more we understand who Our Mother is, the more we love God and the more we uphold Our Saviour as the Lord of All Nations. For if His Mother is the Lady of All Nations, does it not point directly to Jesus, Her Son the King of Kings, Who is above all others, as the Lord of All Nations (cf. Ps. 47)?


On April 4, 1954 the Mother of All Nations said: "I am not bringing a new doctrine. I am now bringing old ideas." Yet "never has 'Miriam or Mary' in the Community, the Church been officially called 'Co-Redemptrix. Never has She officially been called 'Mediatrix.' Never has She officially been called 'Advocate'"(October 5, 1952). Now we have the opportunity to do something for Our Mother, She whose heart was pierced for us. Let us petition our Bishop of Rome, Pope John Paul II, as Our Mother asked us to do on May 10, 1953 and May 31, 1954. Let us ask him, with a fervent desire to please Our Mother, that he proclaim Our Mother The Lady of All Nations: Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate so that "henceforth all generations shall call Her blessed" (Lk 1:48).


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