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E-mail Replies

                                                               Updated: 2001

In consideration of a past inquiry and in light of certain information which has recently shed light with regard to the apparitions of the Lady of All Nations, we have taken the time to analyze and reconsider our former reply to a "confused reader". The following is our "updated" edition.

Re: query of "confused reader" pondering apparent contradiction to the fact that the apparitions of Akita have "been fully approved by the Church but... [not] Amsterdam".

The fact is that Amsterdam has as much Church approval as Akita, Fatima, and La Salette just to name a few! Specifically, just as these significant apparitions devotions have been approved, so has Amsterdam approved on May 31, 1996. In addition, like that of the rue du Bac where the Miraculous Medal image was recognized by the Church before the actual proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception so too is the image of the Lady of All Nations approved before the actual proclamation of the dogma!

When a devotion based on an apparition of Our Lady is approved, it is done through the local ordinaire (the bishop) of that diocese. This is based on several important conclusions, i.e. that nothing is contrary to the doctrine of the Church, that the apparition is of supernatural origin, that it conforms to Sacred Scripture and so on. No bishop will approve devotion to an apparition if he does not believe it is not of supernatural origin or that it contradicts the doctrine of the Church or that its messages present themselves as the antithesis of Sacred Scripture! You should know that the title: "Lady of All Nations" or if you prefer "Mother of All Nations" emanates from God, Himself. If you check Genesis 17:15, you will note that God addresses Sarah as "a mother of all nations"! Sarah, whose name has been interpreted as meaning "princess" was the biblical prefigurement of Mary, who is Queen.

Like Fatima and Akita which both have prayers associated with them which have ecclesiastical approval, so too does the "Prayer of Amsterdam".

Now there has been some confusion with regard to the fact that it has been said that messages of Amsterdam are being investigated. This in no way suggests that the status or legitimacy of the apparitions of the Lady of All Nations is any less accredited than those which began this Marian era and of which Amsterdam is the last of this Marian era. Similarly,as with the messages of rue du Bac, La Salette, Fatima and Akita there were   ongoing studies to understand the prophetic warnings even though the apparitions themselves had already received Church approbation. Let me explain. These apparitions as far as the Church was concerned correlated correctly with Sacred Scripture. That is to say the spiritual content of the messages were totally aligned and in keeping with the Gospel. The actual ongoing investigations pertained to prophetic warnings or revelations regarding events that could happen or had come to pass. These are done at the local ordinaire level if the bishop so chooses. In another words, as with Fatima, La Salette, Akita and even the rue du Bac there are still events unfolding as they were predicted so many years ago in the prophetic warnings or messages Our Lady gave to us via the seers. This is the case with Amsterdam.

It should be thoroughly understood that once the Church has given its approbation to a devotion based on an apparition, there is no "secondary" approval forthcoming! Once an apparition is officially sanctioned by the Church, that is by the local ordinaire, there is no need for redundancy. The fact is a second approval would be like the bishop or local ordinaire double checking himself as if he doubted himself!

Unfortunately today many lay faithful believe that Rome has the ultimate say as to the authenticity of an apparition. But the fact is that this is not so and never was the case. Just look at all the approved apparitions, they received the seal of the Church's approbation directly from the local ordinaire! Rome recognizes the authority of each of its shepherds. Rome would not negate this authority nor in any way seek to superimpose itself on the local ordinaire's God given responsibility to guide his flock! As a matter of fact, in such cases Rome either remains silent or as in cases where the bishop has made a dissenting statement against an alleged apparition and there is much disobedience by the lay faithful, such as the so called Medjugorje phenomenon, Rome will support the bishop and encourage the lay faithful to be prudent while asking the clergy to maintain an official distance from such places.

There are obviously those apostates within the Church who would not like the lay faithful to have a clear understanding of this process. For example, if people were to realize the significance of the approbation that the Lady of All Nations' apparitions has received than several conclusions would be made, none of which the opposition would be very happy about. For example, the fact is that the Lady of All Nations' apparitions were the last apparitions of this Marian era! Using simple deductive reasoning one would realize than that She is not appearing anywhere else and that all the other so called apparitions are nothing but hoaxes! Simply put, the impostors who propagate these false apparitions  would be left without any "cause" to distract and mislead souls. As a result, these impostors would lose not only their power base which is their following, but also the money and financial wealth that comes with it . This wealth is not only used to maintain the false prophets' and apostates' luxurious lifestlye but it is also used to further promote their misleading propaganda perpetuating the false apparitions and vitiating the faith. Most importantly this wealth is shared with the nations that have "one aim which is to be the only rulers of the world" (cf. Lady of La Salette).

As St. Paul said: "Brothers I beg you to be on watch against those who cause dissension and scandal, contrary to the teaching you have received. Avoid their company. Such men serve, not Christ Our Lord, but their own bellies, and they deceive the simpleminded with their smooth and flattering speech...I want you to be wise...Then the God of peace will quickly crush Satan under your feet" (Romans 16:17-20). 

Now on December 8, 1975 in the Eucharistic messages, Our Lord said: "Watch what is happening". Then, Ida narrates the following: " Then heaven opened and a big sword came down. The sword cut that Church vertically in two halves. I saw these two halves widening...I saw people both in the right and in the left part..." As Ida looks at the left side of the church, Our Lord states: "Watch well, it will be watered down". After the dogma is proclaimed, Ida sees "waves rushing down and the left part of the church" is washed away. Then Ida see the Victorious Mother and the renewal of the Church with "the whole flock of sheep coming, trotting along".

This whole scene demonstrates quite clearly the fact that there exist an apostasy within the Church and that the proclamation of the dogma of the Lady of All Nations will serve to delineate this fact so that the lines will be drawn quite clearly: the apostates, false prophets, and enemies of the Church on the left and the true faithful "the servants of God" (cf. Rev. 7:3) who align themselves with Vicar of Christ here on earth proclaiming Mary to be "Mother of All Nations: Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate" on the Right side. In light of this knowledge, it is obvious that the current apostate bishops would have to be worried if the dogma were proclaimed. The impostors would never survive; their identity would be revealed and without a "flock" they would have no power base, no money. Thus "the worm eaten side branch will be destroyed...and the Tree (Church) will flourish again" (cf. Euch. mess. of January, 1980)!

Remember the Lady of All Nations foretold the late Miss Ida Peerdeman to whom She appeared that the Church would grant full approbation before she died. Just as Our Lady said the approval was granted in May of 1996 and Ida passed away shortly thereafter in June of 1996!

Re: to all those who have signed signed the petitions.

God bless you! Keep up the great work and keep them coming!

Re: to the person who asks "why aren't the Dominicans the guardians of the apparition sight in Amsterdam".

This is an excellent observation. The Dominicans are meant to be the caretakers of the Image and the Chapel of the Apparitions as well as being the order which is supposed to oversee the spread of the messages of the Lady of All Nations. This is Our Mother's request. Unfortunately, there were those who did not wish to see this happen. As a result, there is now another order  in residence there. (The legitimacy of this order is very questionable.) What they are doing there instead of the Dominicans leaves one to wonder and is quite disturbing. One can only imagine how they came to be there. In addition, there are some problems with these current caretakers since the bishop of their order, a Bishop Hnilica, has had some rather serious problems with the law in Italy. And then there is the matter that this particular order is not stressing that Our Lady must be crowned as "The Lady of All Nations: Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate". Unfortunately, they incorrectly refer to the new title as: "Mary, Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate". Aside from that we have noticed that they are not collecting signatures with the petition Our Mother gave us on May 10, 1953. To compound this grave matter, there is the fact that the original Image which hangs in the Chapel now has been air-brushed and altered about two ago. The most significant detail, among all, that has been changed is the artist rendering of the wounds in the Lady of All Nations hands! With this altered rendition, the healed wounds are hardly visible. As a matter of fact, that is why this website chose to pronounce those wounds on the homepage! Our Lady was very much aware of this current event long ago, for She spoke of it.

In all fairness, we must say that the Dominicans should be making a better effort to attain the position Our Lady has entrusted to them, although one must also realize that this is a delicate and very difficult situation for them. Let us pray that this problem is remedied soon for this would please Our Mother and certainly expedite the victory of Her Immaculate Heart, in that the Dominicans are to play a very important role in that! The late Ida Peerdeman, to whom the Lady of All Nations appeared, knew this and that is why she became a Third Order Dominican! In addition, we would probably see the Church in Amsterdam built that Our Lady asked for!

Re: all those who have e-mailed us from all over the world.

May the Lady of All Nations protect your nations and be your Advocate. God bless Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, Canada, India, all of Southeast Asia, Philippines, Africa, the Middle East, United States of America, many of the countries of Europe and all the countries too numerable to mention here!

Re: the fourth grade C.C.D. teacher's definition.

We think your explanation is "pretty simple and to the point" too. As a matter of fact, we will repeat it for the benefit of all those who are trying to teach their children who Our Mother is, "The Mother of All Nations: Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate".

         "When we press together our hands in prayer, we unite the Sacred Heart of Jesus to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They belong together!"

Pretty wonderful. Thank you!

Re: thank you to person of "jersey city".

Thank you for your compliments. We, however, would like to make clear that we are not Mark Miravalle as you seem to think. We ask you to keep him in your prayers as he still is not petitioning for the right title as Our Mother asked. He does not seem to understand that you can not add or take away from this title without offending Our Mother, in addition to disobeying Our Lord. Certainly, we rather think he is confused and not deliberately changing the title, for surely he would realize this would work against the victory of Our Mother's Immaculate Heart. Our Holy Father does know the correct title and when enough of us have responded by praying Her prayer and signing the right petition, Our Mother will give Her sign to him for the proclamation. Again "jersey city" we thank you sincerely; but would you kindly give a "big thanks" to Our Mother for She has been directly responsible for this web site; we have only cooperated.

Re: request for explanation of the use of the article "the" in the title of The Lady of All Nations as opposed to the use of the possessive pronoun "our".

The proper title of Mary as She appeared in Amsterdam is: "The Lady of All Nations."

Since November 16, 1950 Mary has stated quite clearly that She wants to called "The Lady of All Nations." Now first you must understand that the word 'lady' as it appears in Her title is a translation from the Dutch word 'vrouwe' which means woman. Therefore if one were to literally translate the title from the Dutch, it would read "The Woman of All Nations". Obviously when translated this way, the first two words stand out: THE WOMAN! This in turn should make one realize that Mary's new title is pointing directly to the fact that She is The Woman of Scriptures as referred to in Genesis 3:15, John 2:4, John 19:26 and Revelations 12:1. This is why on March 28, 1951 The Lady of All Nations said: "I stand before the Cross as The Woman..." Therefore, it is understood that the use of the article 'the' in this new title which Mary Herself gave us is the proper and correct usage.

We should endeavor to please Her in this respect as a matter of obedience and also because to do otherwise by using the pronoun 'our' would be to undermine the very universal significance and appeal of this title. The pronoun 'our' is a possessive pronoun precisely because it denotes possession. If Catholics use the pronoun 'our' in this new title they would be effectively saying to the world that this is their Mother only, their Lady, as if they were a closed Church! It would so to speak maintain division among all Her children. Mary wants to draw all Her children to Her. But She can not do that if we don't do as She asks by calling Her "The Lady (Woman) of All Nations" or "The Mother of All Nations!" Once Catholics introduce Mary as "The Lady of All Nations"the world will begin to recognize their Mother too and as only this Good Mother could do She will introduce the rest of Her children to their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She will bring them back then as one fold to the Holy Catholic Church where He is Truly Present in the Most Holy Eucharist!

Now one might wonder why this new title was translated as "The Lady of All Nations?" The reason really is quite simple. In Holland the Dutch word 'vrouwe' is also a respectable way of saying lady. In other words, 'vrouwe' not only means woman but is synonymous with the English word for lady. As a matter of fact, most English speaking people would not be as inclined to calling Mary "The Woman of All Nations" for two reasons. The first being that in English speaking countries it would not seem as respectable as saying "The Lady of All Nations" since it is a commonly understood courtesy to refer respectfully to a woman of the female gender as lady. Secondly, English speaking Catholics in particular are used to referring to Mary under various titles as "Our Lady." So it is easy to see why when translating Mary's new title that it was determined that the best rendition would be "The Lady of All Nations." This explanation also holds true for various other languages.

Re: the necessity of proclaiming the dogma conjoined with the title of "The Lady of All Nations."

It has come to our attention that some people are espousing the dogma of The Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate without mentioning that it must be declared conjoined to the Mary's newest title of "The Lady of All Nations." In other words, for whatever reason, this "last, great Marian dogma" is not spoken of as the dogma of: "The Lady of All Nations: Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate."

These people are either ignorant of Our Mother's request, or do not fully understand the significance of the three concepts in one as they are connected to the newest Marian title, or they are deliberately misleading the people in hopes of not having the dogma proclaimed in the manner prescribed by heaven.

Remember we are in a great and fierce battle. There are those opposed to Our Lady and they will do anything to prevent the truth from being understood and hence they think, that is with the 'minds of men', that they will be the victors. These "wolves in sheep's clothing" appear to be intensely devoted to Our Lady, giving talks, writing books, leading processions, making pilgrimages, doing interviews, associating with "all the right people", and maintaining any number of public images as a visionary, or an esteemed theologian, or a very altruistic God-fearing, God-loving Catholic evangelist. Most often they will try to mislead you in very subtle and skilled ways. As it has already been noted in the case of this "the last, great Marian dogma", they do not stress nor even mention that the dogma must be proclaimed conjoined to the title of "The Lady of All Nations."

In some cases they will avoid mentioning that this dogma was heaven sent and not man made! Obviously, they certainly would not want to underscore that! But the real point here is that they do not want you to realize the responsibility God has placed on mankind for than you might take it more seriously; more seriously, let's say, than any false theologian's platform which is obscure and intimidating through the use of what appears to be sophisticated and complicated phrases loaded with cross references to vatican documents and a "dash" of theology and a "pinch" of Latin thrown in for good measure and a great impression!

So what's a good soul to do? Keep the simple faith. Remember that God is not a confusing God nor a God that causes anxiety! Be prudent. The next time you hear someone speaking on the messages of The Lady of All Nations or this last Marian dogma ask yourself these questions. Is the speaker emphasizing that the dogma of The Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate must be proclaimed under the title of The Lady of All Nations? Is she or he stating that Mary was sent by God to ask for this dogma under this title? Is the prayer of Amsterdam promoted? Is the petition which The Lady of All Nations gave us, and not someone else's, being promulgated? Is the cross of Christ being fostered as the center of the messages? Is the speaker conveying the messages and the meaning of the dogma under Mary's new title clearly and simply just as Our Lady and God would have it or are you confused? Are you feeling anxious or hopeful? Hope and peace and simple understanding are the fruits of the Spirit of Truth!

Now as far as participating in processions and praying, even if they are led by apostates, "wolves in sheep's clothing", your prayers and good acts and good intentions will never go to waste. God hears your prayers and knows your heart and accepts your love no matter where you are!

Finally, in the words of The Lady of All Nations: "Evaluate and judge in the same way as the Lord Jesus Christ did. Try to read the signs of the times you live in and realize what the struggle is about. Realize that it is for men's minds. This is the time of the Spirit. The fight is hard and bitter, but the True Spirit will triumph..." (cf. October 5, 1952) So say the prayer with hope and great confidence. Join the cause of The Lady of All Nations by spreading the prayer and the messages. And never forget that "the outcome is already assured" (April 29, 1951)!


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